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Top BBQ Tips

The fact remains that a lot of people are awful barbecuers. It’s kind of funny how we end up cooking barbecue and end up making it a mess. We all know cooking requires some sort of skills and techniques that leave your peers and colleagues talking for years.  I have prepared major tips, techniques, etiquettes, and equipment to transform you into the master of flames.

Get the Right Barbecue

This is true but often overlooked.  Two basic things to your burner must have to prepare wonderful barbecue food. Charcoal is first, don’t get things twisted, absolutely nothing wrong using a gas barbecue, but don’t expect that classy Smokey flavor. Otherwise, opt for oven cooking. The lid is the second thing that is vital.  It does a lot of things like keeping the temperature constant and in a way it also keeps the flavor in.

Use the Right Fuel

The charcoal you use has an impact on the taste of the food. So go for the best charcoal, so your food has the best flavor. Opt for charcoal that and natural and unadulterated. Some expert tips- try adding wood chips to your charcoal. You can add oak or hickory; they go well with pork meat and fish. Also apple wood and cherry can provide some unique sweetness to your meat. You can dip half of what you will need in water, which will make it last, then you add it all.

Cook at the Right Moment

Like I have said earlier on in the post, you need concentration and patient when barbecuing. In essence, you need to take note of the flames, when it dies down or goes low. Most times the flames can be misleading, sometimes you see the coal grey hot and think it’s hot, most times it’s the hottest knowing this will enable you to monitor the flame and its heat.

Fish Is Great on Barbecues

Fish is actually great for barbecue, ever wondered why fish and smoke are such great friends? Smoked salmon for example. Get some fresh fish or meat from Rib’N Reef and throw some oak chips in and prepare great barbecue like a pro. Some pro tips – cut the fish open and put some lemon and pepper inside. Cook and enjoy.

So my wonderful readers there you have it. With these tips, be sure you’d make and enjoy a great barbecue with friends and family.