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A Quick Guide to The Best Benidorm Nightlife  

Aside from its long golden beaches, cultural heritage, and fun-packed activities, Benidorm is famous for its nightlife. With everything from tribute acts to trendy clubs and bars, there is something for everyone. Below is a quick guide to the best Benidorm nightlife and what to look out for.

Benidorm Palace

You cannot travel to Benidorm and not visit the Benidorm Palace and see a show. The cabaret-style entertainment involves a lot of flamboyant costumes and dancing, often you will get dinner included so it is well worth the visit.

Doors generally open from 8:30 pm with dinner served from 9:00 pm. The showtime starts at 10:30 pm so expect a late night. The Benidorm Palace is open Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays throughout the year and during the summer it is open on Wednesdays.


Clubbing in Benidorm is certainly an experience not to be missed. Unlike Ibiza, which is often known for being expensive, Benidorm is a little cheaper. But they still know how to throw a party and each summer the big clubs will host several of the world’s top DJs.

The nightclubs in Benidorm are all located along Avenida Communitat Valencia which is just outside the city centre. You can jump into a taxi and be there is a matter of minutes. Admission to these nightclubs will cost around €30 but your first drink will often be included in the price.

Tribute acts and bands

Tribute acts and bands are a popular form of entertainment in Benidorm. From Take That to Westlife, Cher to ABBA there will be something to suit any musical taste and best of all you can see these acts for free – so get ready to party the night away singing and dancing along.

Pubs and bars

If clubbing or tribute acts are not your thing and you simply want to have a drink and enjoy the company of your friends and family then Benidorm has many bars and pubs to relax in. The back streets of the old town normally have some nice quiet bars which is often a popular drinking spot for the locals as they are not overrun with loud tourists.

Will it cost a lot?

Benidorm is a cheap place to experience the nightlife, with so much competition in the city you can often find a good place for food and drink which is very reasonable. Most nightclubs will have free entry or cheap admission to entice people through the doors.

Bars and pubs that feature live entertainment will be free to get in, but do not be surprised if you pay a little more for your drinks. A pint of lager can range from €1-4 with spirits starting from €1.50 with generous measures – and keep an eye out for happy hour deals.