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Top 4 Things You Must Try for Quality Girl Time in Abu Dhabi

Amid the hustle and bustle of adulthood, you may sometimes find yourself wanting some time off from all your responsibilities and simply live in the moment. This is only natural. In fact, it is good for your overall wellbeing.

That said, having some quality time with your girlfriends at least once in a while is a good way to keep your mind and soul healthy. To achieve this, you need to have two important things included in your checklist: your closest friends and the UAE capital of Abu Dhabi. Check out our website to buy instagram followers at famoid.

Situated in the Arabian Gulf, Abu Dhabi is the perfect venue for some quality girl time as it not only offers rest and relaxation but also adventure-filled experiences that you’ll only get to try a few times in your lifetime.

So, without further ado, here are the four best things you must try when on vacation with your girlfriends in Abu Dhabi:

1.   Join the Best Ladies’ Night Party Ever

No life is better than the nightlife. Or, at least, that’s what you’ll experience if you head to Saadiyat Beach, the most desirable tourist gathering spot in Abu Dhabi.

If you and your gal pals love to dance the night away, you should try joining the best ladies’ night party in Abu Dhabi. To make it more worthwhile, some beach clubs even offer complimentary drinks for their female guests during their scheduled ladies’ night parties as well as discounted party fare.

2.   Sample Some Gold

If you want to bring your girl time to a whole new level, why not take a bite out of a cake made with gold? In Abu Dhabi, fine dining is nothing short of exquisite as some restaurants and cafes use genuine gold as a garnishing for their pastries and beverages. The precious metal is completely edible, of course, so long as it is of a 24-karat caliber.

3.   Have a Full Spa Day

Girl time won’t be complete without enjoying a day of rest and relaxation at a spa in Abu Dhabi. Dedicate at least one entire day of calmness and stress-relief with your best gal pals to maximize your trip to the UAE capital.

Just make sure you do it wisely by planning ahead and following the ideal sequence of spa services you plan to relish in this fabulous Middle Eastern city. That means manicure and pedicure should come before you get a relaxing massage to avoid being tickled too much by the nail procedure. Massages should come last, unless you plan to have a facial, too.

4.   Enjoy a High-Rise View of Abu Dhabi

Like Dubai, Abu Dhabi is known for bringing together rich culture and modernity into one spectacular venue. To get the most out of your girl time in the UAE capital, you should try enjoying the view from a high-rise location. You can achieve this in two ways: via a trip to the sky aboard a hot air balloon or a visit at the observation deck in a skyscraper.

Hot air balloon tours offer a unique and breathtaking experience for those who want to relish the picturesque beauty of the city without skyscrapers blocking the view. For some, it is also a great way to unwind and make their stresses go away.

But if you aren’t ready to float as high as the clouds but still want to enjoy views of the Abu Dhabi skyline you can opt to stay within the comforts of luxury hotels located in some of the city’s popular high-rise towers.

You can take in the full view from the observation decks within your hotel building and get mesmerized with the help of binoculars and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Quality Girl Time in Abu Dhabi

Spending quality time with your girlfriends is an effective way of keeping your mind and soul healthy. If you decide to do it in Abu Dhabi, be sure to do your homework and know the best activities to do and places to go to make sure your time with your closest gal pals is well-spent and unforgettable. Check out cartoon blogs on social media here.


Soraya Abdul Azis is the Social Media and Design Manager for Saadiyat Beach Club in the UAE, the very first beach club on Saadiyat where guests can enjoy and celebrate a world of fine living, health and wellbeing. Soraya has worked in Design, Advertising and PR in Dubai and Beirut for the past four years.