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The Trojan War and Your Travel

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The Trojan War did she place? Was Brad Pitt Hiding in the Trojan Horse? But where is Troy? In the Aube? And above all, is it worth going to visit Troy in pairs or in fours?

Visit Troy in a day

If you remember my previous article, we decided to spend a weekend in Çanakkale. The first day was devoted to the visit of the Gallipoli peninsula, scene of the famous Battle of the Dardanelles during the First World War.

  • Second day, still on the warrior theme, but we go back much further in time. So back to Antiquity, when the gods of Olympus rubbed shoulders with the legendary heroes on the land of the poor mortals that we are.

On the same day, we will visit the Museum of Troy and the ancient city of Troy , before driving back up by road to Istanbul. Make use of for the best information.

The Archaeological Museum of Troy

It is brand new, very beautiful! The Archaeological Museum of Troy opened with great fanfare in 2019. It is located at the entrance to the village of Tevfikiye, a few hundred meters before the archaeological site itself. And a 30 minute drive to Çannakale where we spent the night.

Entrance to the museum costs 42TL (included with MüzeKart + or MuseumPass Turkey). You have the possibility to rent an audio guide in French for 20TL (1 for the whole family is enough). However, we were not thrilled by this audio guide. A bit boring, we must admit for the visit of this museum and the city.

Inside the museum, there are remains on 4 floors that date back to prehistoric times. We see old stones of course, but also very modern animations. For example, scenes from life in Ancient Troy reconstructed as a diorama.

Aphrodite of Cnidus at the Museum of Troy

But the part that impressed me the most was the “Treasure of Troy”, or at least the few artifacts discovered by Schliemann that were not taken out of the country. As well as the statue of Aphrodite of Cnides (2nd century BC) which is so delicate, or the cute little articulated dolls. Allow around 2 hours for the visit of the Troy museum.

The archaeological site of Troy

A few meters further on, we arrive at the archaeological site of the city of Troy. Immediately after passing the wicket, we discover the famous Trojan horse, in any case, a recent construction taken from the legend. Because we will see a little later in this article that big doubts remain about its real existence. This does not prevent this Trojan horse from having an effect! It is possible to climb in and obviously we did not hesitate! That said, in terms of aesthetics I prefer the one that is exhibited in Çanakkale: the Trojan horse built for the shooting of the film “Troy”, played among others by a Brad Pitt at the height of his sex appeal!