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Special gifts for summer

Good weather, sunny days, temperatures that invite you to walk in shorts or summer dresses and sandals … in short, summer is coming!

In the same way that you don’t dress the same in winter as in summer, when we gift we also adapt our gifts to the seasons.

Therefore, today we have a great help for those who need a gift or a detail for any celebration. Here is a selection of original articles or experiences to gift during summer.


Gift Gaudí’s Casa Vicens

There is nothing better than enjoying the summer walking through the streets of the beautiful Gràcia neighborhood, enjoying a delicious handmade ice cream and discovering one of the architectural secrets of Barcelona that have remained hidden for years… until now!

At the end of 2017, Casa Vicens opened its doors to the public. Casa Vicens is the first building designed by Antoni Gaudí, one of the most famous architects not only in Spain, but all around the world.

A colorful facade composed of tiles and a design with continuous references to nature, to the point of being completely integrated into it, are some of the hallmarks of this beautiful construction that served as the summer residence of the Vicens family.

This way, this house is a perfect gift. Check the price of Casa Vicens tickets and do not miss this amazing architectonical piece of art.

Multiadventure experience

Sport is always a fantastic option when it comes to making any kind of gift. If we can also practice it with our friends or family, the experience is perfect.

Thus, multi-adventure experiences are a great alternative to “insipid” gifts that end up in any corner of the house accumulating dust.

A day of rafting down a river of turbulent waters, an adrenaline rush playing paintball or enjoy a quad route are some of the options we propose.

Instant comfort

Here we present what is sure to be a great discovery for all those who love the beach: Air Loungue.

It is a mattress that is inflated simply by waving it to the wind. This inflatable sofa is portable and ultralight, making it easy and comfortable when transporting it.

In addition, it takes up very little space and is manually inflated with the wind in a few seconds without the need for a fan, making it the perfect gift for beach days.