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Some Uncommon Facts About Maldives Holidays

Maldives Offers Liveaboard Cruises

True. These cruises include diving and surfing excursions. They range from 5 days to 10 days excursions. People choose their boarding port and days they want to experience on these cruises. You can customize the activities you want to experience on these cruises. It is an unforgettable experience that you can have, with all the amazing sea activities. The day and night views are sure to mesmerize you. So, book a liveaboard cruise and have a time of a lifetime.

Maldives Is A Year-Round Destination

True. It is a favorite destination for people all around the year. Every season has its own beauty and views. No doubt the dry season is the peak season but the wet season also has its own essence. The cloud cover and rains over the sea bring in the season of romance. So, no matter when you plan your holiday, Maldives has its unique beauty of each season stored for you. The visa facilities and arrival immigration are also a hassle-free process. Come and enjoy the most peaceful holiday for you.

You Spot A Manta

True that without a doubt. The Maldives is a place where you can witness the exotic Manta ray. It is a mesmerizing sight to spot one with a naked eye. They are almost 4 meters long and have 300 teeth, but guess what they are completely harmless. They are such exotic creatures that you will take time to believe that you actually witnessed one.

The Beaches Are Divided as Bikini & Non-Bikini

True. The Maldives is full of beaches, and the resorts have divided them according to their preferences and keeping the local culture in mind. Some of the beaches allow bikinis and bare bodies while some don’t. So, keep a check while planning to visit beaches if you don’t want to get disappointed. Thus, you have your set of preferences and can decide what beach you want to go and enjoy.

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