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Residents of the Chernobyl zone share

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Despite the fact that several decades ago one of the biggest accidents at the nuclear reactor occurred in Chernobyl, today this territory is of great interest both for domestic and foreign tourists.

The company STALKERway renders services for providing extreme tours to the exclusion zone. Here you can book such tours:

  • One-day
  • Two-days
  • Multi-days
  • Group
  • Individual

Routes of trips are planned in advance, and each tourist, accompanied by an experienced guide, will be able to visit the most interesting places of the dead zone. One of the memorable events during the trip to the Chernobyl zone will be a meeting with self-tenants. These are people who did not want to leave the settled places in the villages, or violating all prohibitions, returned after evacuation to their homes. They are very few, only a few hundred people.

The most infected is a ten-kilometer zone around the nuclear power plant. Self-travelers live outside this zone. They are in constant communication with nature, and also depend on its whims. Each family has a personal vegetable garden, on which vegetables are grown, many keep their household plots (chickens, geese, pigs, goats, and cows), even have an apiary. At their own peril, people hunt in nearby forests gather mushrooms, berries, and fish there. All these fisheries are categorically prohibited by law, but to the remaining local residents in the exclusion zone, the authorities are loyal and allow people to enjoy all the blessings of nature.

In the Chernobyl exclusion zone, mostly people of elderly age live. The local administration provides them with all possible assistance, but it falls mainly in those villages where several families of self-settlers live. Self-travelers – singles rely only on themselves. Complicating their existence is their advanced age, remoteness and forgetfulness.

At meetings with tourists, local residents tell interesting stories about encounters with wild animals (wolves, moose) right on the country roads, wars with wild boars, which constantly destroy the grown vegetables. But it’s amazing with what kind of love and care self-travelers are to domestic cats and dogs who are their closest friends and assistants.

A visit to the Chernobyl zone makes it clear how large-scale the catastrophe was. Everyone will personally be able to see what calamity a peaceful atom brought from under human control.

Meeting with self-parties on many makes the strongest impression. While communicating with them, you realize how courageous and strong spirit these selfless people who did not want to leave their native places even after the explosion of the fourth power unit that forever changed their fate. Source web-site: