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Redeem reward points and make the most of your next travel

Be it taking that long-awaited vacation, booking flights, hotels or transferring reward points, there are umpteen opportunities to spend your reward points. The reward points earned under the frequent flier program and other program partners are now taking new forms to make your travel, stay, and shopping a lot more comfortable.

Every individual has diverse needs. Understanding that, the reward points you earn can be redeemed in over 1000 different ways, suiting your needs. Gone are the days, when booking flight tickets were the only way of redeeming those points. Here are the top five most frequently opted ways to use the reward points you earned.

#1 Redeem for Flight Tickets

Whether you are bitten by the travel bug, or you wish to take a quick trip, you can always redeem points to book those flight tickets with as minimum as 5000 reward points. There is more to it. If you need help in deciding your destination, you can choose based on your origin location as well as the number of points you wish to redeem.

#2 Redeem to Buy from the Airline Store

Airlines provide reward stores online exclusively for the redemption of reward points. A wide range of products from electronic gadgets to stationary and gift vouchers are available in the store. Not just that, raffle tickets and TEDx passes can be purchased at the airline store. Even donations to various foundations and charity organisations can be made using these reward points.

#3 Transfer Reward Points

If you are someone who likes to lavish gifts on your loved ones, be it an occasion or just to see them smile, transferring reward points is yet another way to show your affection. This not only gives them the flexibility to decide what they want to do with those points, but it also gives you the joy of sharing. Either transfer your reward points or buy more points for them that can help them get free flight tickets, cabin upgrade and much more.

#4 Redeem for Upgrading tickets

Reward points can be used to upgrade your cabin on both domestic and international flights based on the cabin, fare, and sector. Complimentary vouchers can also be used for upgrades by one cabin. You can get quite a deal by upgrading from economy to business class without paying the extra bucks. On en-route flights, if seating is available in all sections of the flight while offering, the upgrade will be made until you arrive at the destination.

#5 Redeem for Booking a Hotel

With travel, comes the thought of accommodation. Now you have one less thing to worry about as the reward points well cover it. In partnership with thousands of hotels across all major destinations around the world and all ranges, you can always redeem reward points on hotel bookings that are partnered with your program.

Along with many easy ways to earn reward points, comes many good ways to spend them. All your travel, stay, and shopping needs are well taken care of. It’s time you explore the ways tailored for you to redeem your rewards and make your travel more affordable and comfortable. Happy journey!