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Need to Know Advice When Packing for A Cruise Holiday

When you’re going on a cruise holiday, packing your case can be quite tricky. From making sure that you’ve not creased your evening wear for the formal night, to ensuring that you’ve squished in your flip flops for beach days, there’s a variation of different activities you need to pack for. To make sure you’ve got room in your luggage for all of the essentials, here’s a quick guide to the things you do and don’t need to pack for a cruise holiday:

Don’t Forget Formal Wear

If your cruise does have a formal night, then having the right attire with you is essential. It’s vital firstly, because you’ll need to look the part in order to attend the night’s events and secondly, if you do forget to pack yours it can be really hard to get hold of a tux and a floor length gown in somewhere like the Caribbean.

Think Carefully about Hand Luggage

An essential for anyone wanting to make the most of their first full day on board is a cleverly packed hand luggage case. When you first board the ship it’s unlikely that you’ll be reunited with your luggage for around 6 hours, so if you have visions of jumping in the jacuzzi straight away, without packing your swimsuit in your hand luggage you’ll be disappointed. Think about everything you might need and include it in your carry on, from sun cream to medication and your iPad.

Ditch the TravelIron

Although packing a clothes iron may seem like a good idea, they’re banned on the majority of cruise lines as they can be a major fire hazard. Most of the large cruise liners have a laundrette on site, take a look at the ones on Bolsover Cruise Club, where you’ll be able to pay to get anything that’s severely creased pressed. Other than that, hanging your less important creased items in the bathroom whilst you shower helps to smooth out the creases and packing a few extra hangers in your luggage so that you can hang everything up should suffice.

Inflatable Floats

If you’ve imagined floating around the pool on a li-lo then you’re about to be disappointed. Inflatable floats of all kinds are banned from most cruise liner pools as they take up too much space in the pool. If you want to buy one for a day in the sea in port by all means do, but you’ll have to leave it behind when getting back on the ship.

Following these top packing tips, you’ll be able to fit everything you need in your case for your next cruise adventure.