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Muscle Growth Tips by the Nutrition Store

Gaining strength and building muscle requires consistent and sufficient fitness habits and nutrition. It does not matter what you wish to achieve because you should adjust both activity levels and what you consume to help you achieve a particular milestone. Building muscles requires creating a plan and strategy to nourish and move your body.

Therefore, nutrition plays a significant role in building muscles and offering you energy and nutrients to recover for the next day. According to ISSN or the International Society of Sports and Nutrition, you must eat specific calories to build muscles.

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Importance of Macronutrients

A combination of diet and weight training is essential for building muscles. Although macronutrients are highly important for the process, you should understand a few things. The first and most important factor is to consume adequate number of calories, which will help you fuel for the resistance training sessions and gain muscles along the way.

It means you should consume a combination of protein, fats, and carbs but create an optimal amount that will offer you peace of mind. Protein is the crucial recovery nutrient, while carbs will help ensure you have enough energy and calories to handle a single session.

Remember that fat is not anabolic as carbs and proteins, but they are essential for the hormone system, which will boost your metabolic rate and ensure you get leaner muscle mass than before.

1. Proteins

Protein is the essential macronutrient you need for the muscle-building process. We are talking about the essential amino acids that are part of proteins. These amino acids stimulate the synthesis of proteins, which are essential for building new muscles and preventing the body from using muscles as fuel, which is catabolism.

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You should get the daily protein requirements and needs from whole foods, but if you wish to build muscles for a specific sport or bodybuilding, you can consume additional supplements such as protein shakes, powders, and bars. That way, you can increase protein intake while ensuring you build muscles faster and more efficiently.

The best proteins come from animal-based products, but you can also find them in small quantities in plant-based ingredients. Beans, legumes, lean meats, eggs, tuna, salmon, chicken, and turkey breast, as well as different meaty specialties, are perfect for ensuring daily intake.

2. Carbs

Carbohydrates are essential for energy during workouts. Therefore, without enough carbs, you will not be able to handle resistance training with the efficiency you wanted in the first place. At the same time, fueling up with carbs before and after intense sweat will help you replenish energy stores and boost muscle building process.

You should choose nutrient-dense sources that will affect your glycogen stores, meaning you can exercise more effectively and longer. We are talking about root veggies, quinoa, legumes, buckwheat, sweet potatoes, whole wheat bread, pasta, fruit, and oats.

3. Fats

Although fats do not directly affect muscle building, they are essential for a healthy immune system and hormonal functioning. If you consume a fat-free diet, you will reduce the chances of boosting your muscle mass, even after significant weight training.

At the same time, healthy fats come in numerous sources, including olive oil, avocados, Greek yogurt, whole eggs, fish, nuts, dark chocolate, and flaxseeds.

How Much Should You Eat?

Most people think that choosing a low-calorie diet is the best action to achieve quick results. The problem is that reducing caloric intake will not help you build muscles due to restriction.

Of course, the amount you should eat depends on numerous factors, goals, energy output, food preferences, and many more. Therefore, you should determine calorie goals. We recommend you multiply your body weight by sixteen or eighteen and try to meet the caloric requirements in the first few weeks.

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Of course, you can choose a more scientific approach, but the metabolic test can be expensive and less convenient than other options. At the same time, you do not have to be afraid of eating proper macronutrients, especially if you are consistently working out and training. That is why this formula is a perfect starting point when you should monitor the progress.