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Lakshadweep Islands- Form lifetime relationship on the seashore

For every individual choosing a honeymoon destination is a very confusing task as India has many honeymoon destinations. There many romantic & honeymoon packages available so that you can make your honeymoon trip under your budget. Lakshadweep Islands are one of the best honeymoon places known for its calm and unoccupied coral archipelago in clear waters.  This place in India is known as the romantic islands offering calm and environment for honeymooners who want to enjoy their generous time. The sad part is that Lakshadweep Islands are overlooked only because of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. However, the place is one of the best honeymoon destinations in India offering some of the best beach based activities.

Lakshadweep Islands – the constitution of many Islands

Lakshadweep islands are a blend of many islands which are different in terms of offerings but are very similar in terms of charm and beauty. We have listed some of the most romantic Lakshadweep Islands out of 36 Islands.

  1. Agatti Island- best snorkeling spot

Agatti is known as one of the most popular Lakshadweep islands well known for its stunning beaches; it is the best snorkeling spot. Along with it the spot also offers several water sports and is the perfect place to visit for adventure enthusiasts. Honeymoon couples seeking for adventure should not miss this place as it is the great place not only for snorkeling but also for scuba diving, skiing, sailing, kayaking, and fishing. In case you are adventurous and want to enjoy a good party with your better half, pick best honeymoon tour packages in India to enjoy some amazing and adventurous activities in Lakshadweep islands.

  1. Bangaram Island- underwater coral reefs

Bangaram Island is one of the most beautiful Lakshadweep Islands enriched with creamy white sand beaches, turquoise colored water and tall palm trees. It is recognized as one of the beautiful islands owing to its gorgeous sunsets, abundant marine life, adventure activities, and pleasant weather. It a fantastic place to enjoy a perfect loving honeymoon.  Newlywed couples seeking for a romantic beach dinner then head towards Bangaram Island. This Island also offers many water sports such as scuba diving and deep sea fishing; it is also the perfect place for fishing enthusiasts too. Honeymoon couples will enjoy the incredible marine life and mesmerizing blue waters of this Island.

  1. Kadmat Island- best fishing spot

Kadmat Island of Lakshadweep is a picturesque coral Island with azure lagoon, sun-kissed beaches, and fantastic coral reefs. It is the only inhabitant island very famous for marine turtles. The Island is heaven for honeymoon couples seeking adventure as it offers many activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, diving, and fishing. Honeymooners can lose themselves in utmost ease and lavishness with some of the best honeymoon & romantic packages in India available. Don’t miss the kayaking and sailing in Glass bottom boats. Along with it sailing on the yacht by enjoying sunset is what will make your honeymoon more and more romantic.

  1. Kavaratti Island- a perfect dose of beauty

Kavaratti Island is another must visit place in Lakshadweep offering sand, sun, and luxury and is surrounded by cool and refreshing air. Honeymooners can elevate their souls and can escape into the world of complete ecstasy amid white sandy beaches and blue lagoons.  There are several tourist attractions on this Island where you can enjoy the best of Lakshadweep. Though you will not find architectural heritage here but can explore Urja Mosque and Jamath Mosque. Along with there are some must visit places like Marine Aquarium and desalination Plant which should not be missed.

  1. Kalpeni Island- a place to enjoy finger licking seafood

Kalpeni Island comprises of three inhabited satellite islands surrounded by a huge lagoon and where sunlight on water causes it to sparkle. The place makes your honeymoon trip glowing too. Here you can swim, snorkel and can also reef walk.  The place is well known for its amazing beaches where you can enjoy swimming and sunbathe in waters. It is said to be the perfect destination for honeymooners, family, and friends.

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