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How Snorkelling and Diving Helps You Stay in Shape

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You wake up one morning feeling lazy, slow, or worse, horrified at the 2 cm you added to your waist. You wonder if you have not exaggerated during the holidays or you are simply mortified at the idea of exercise.

Ways Snorkelling Helps You Stay in Shape

What can you do to lose those extra pounds, get in shape and keep fit? Well, there are lots of ways to get in shape. If you’re sick of the gym, it may be time to find a new workout that does not bother you as much. Many people have a visceral hatred of treadmills, dumbbells, medicine balls, and other sports junkies.

Snorkeling and scuba diving are a whole-body workout. Whether your legs or arms, with each movement, you instinctively force your muscles to propel you against the natural resistance of the water. Wearing fins also provide a good leg exercise since you have to push harder against the resistance created by the fins attached to the feet. Snorkeling and diving are good exercises to strengthen the heart and lungs. As you dive deeper, your heart rate increases to pump more blood. Snorkeling also allows you to work on your lung capacity when you hold your breath for a certain period of time.

Snorkeling and Diving

By lifting and carrying weights, bottles and other diving equipment, diving can help you tone your muscles. You can compare these activities to weightlifting exercises at the gym. But unlike diving, snorkeling requires very little equipment: a mask, a snorkel, and flippers (sometimes because some people are doing without).

These two activities also stimulate mental health. Exercise in all its forms, including snorkeling and diving, releases endorphins, a good mood hormone that helps relieve stress and anxiety and Caye Caulker Snorkel helps you get the best of the exercise you want with a snorkel. You also do not wear a face red with sweat because the water refreshes you. And do not hesitate to spend as much time as possible underwater as you admire the fish, corals and other exciting creatures that surround you.