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Aberdeen, wild, romantic or great for kids

If you spend your vacation at home, you don’t have to go camping in your backyard. You may consider Aberdeenshire (Scotland), where sandy beaches will surprise you. As well as imposing architecture, beautifully landscaped gardens, theaters and outdoor activities that might be fun. For a romantic getaway, the wild and misty moors and lonely castles are a perfect decor. Kids for sure will love the amusement park on the shore. A flight to Aberdeen is not too costly, and Aberdeen hotels vary from local B&Bs to fancy boutique ones. Aberdeen may be teensy, but you have to admit it has got a lot to offer.

Get Medieval

The film set for Mel Gibson’s ‘Hamlet’ was Dunnottar Castle, the fortress on top of the cliff just south of the town. The striking castle is one of the most dramatic ruins in Scotland and accommodated guests like William Wallace and Mary Queen of Scots. There is another favorite castle, Balmoral, which is the private residence of the royal family of Great Brittany. Queen Victoria described Balmoral Castle as ‘my dear paradise in the Highlands’. You can go there on a guided tour all year, except when the Royals are staying, which is in August, September and early October.

Something different
Up, up and away to see the countryside of Aberdeenshire from a hot air balloon. This trip takes about an hour and gives you stunning scenery, some wildlife to spot and a grand view of the grounds of the castles and forts in the region. Back on the ground safely, you may want to soothe your nerves. In that case, take an Aberdeen Whiskey tour. The region has over 20 distilleries that produce characteristic malts, both international well-known and little treasures.

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A host of hotels
The easiest part of planning your trip is booking accommodation in Aberdeen. There are quite some cheap hotels in Aberdeen that are often set in beautiful backgrounds. Take the Moxy Aberdeen Airport, just near the airport with all the facilities you can want and a great modern design. Or book into one of the cozy B&Bs for a real authentic stay. If you want to rely on another international chain, book the Doubletree Hotel by Hilton, in a great location for beach and city center – both on walking distance. The staff there is wonderful, and the food is just great. If you are on business in Aberdeen, you may check into the Marriott Hotel, which has all the features you might need for a perfect stay.