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5 Best Hotel Guest Satisfaction Trends to look for in 2017

Guest Satisfaction may be the new catchphrase in hotel marketing. Are you aware this? While 2012 is nearly here, some guest satisfaction trends will fall aside as the others will grow more rampant because of their significance. In the end guest retention may be the ultimate answer to profitability. It’s also a direct result dedicated guest centric service in addition to highlight more about customer success. So in 2017, hotel guest satisfaction trends continuously stand out and drive success.

In the last couple of years, guest satisfaction is becoming a constantly evolving phenomenon, so far as its importance within the hospitality market is concerned. The short evolving technological landscape along with globalization, makes your accommodation industry reactive to global visitors.

A significant challenge arises here. Just how can hotels and travel agencies satisfy their visitors?

It is vital to evaluate gaps between hotel employees and also the thought of visitors, alongside a hotel’s performance. Some truly popular ways of guest feedback collection arise only at that juncture, which needs to be worked with. This analysis will lead towards the understanding pool in addition to render impetus to hotel management, in order that it can evolve based on the guests’ needs.

Sticking with wrinkles, listed here are the very first five trends for customer engagement and guest satisfaction, which hoteliers can consider in 2017.

  1. Omni-funnel constantly:

Retailing with an omni-funnel interface is the way forward for hospitality business. However, most professionals also agree that omni-funnel marketing requires not only offering multiple channels or contact choices. – Deloitte

As hotel visitors and travelers more and more depend on digital channels like hands held devices, to create booking or purchasing decisions, they will use exactly the same channels or devices to guest service and support from hotels.

In this scenario, hotels cannot just stay with a couple of channels, but tap on multiple platforms to render all kinds of connectivity options using the potential market. This is the way in which forward, so far as optimization of guest satisfaction scores and experience is worried. Hence, hotels have to turn out new ways of take full advantage of both availability and ease of access.

  1. Millennials:

The millennials are presently getting a huge cultural affect on the worldwide travel industry. Their new outlook has provided wings to discussing economy players like shared accommodation providers (Airbnb). It is really an ascendant generation which can access huge spending forces which will accelerate in 2017.

72% of Millennials choose to spend their hard-earned money on encounters instead of on materials. – Harris Group

We have also found that effective transactions with Millennials want more compared to orderly exchange of cash for value mindful customer support is essential to cooking their loyalty which stimulates an optimistic social response.

  1. Self-service tools:

How-to content and understanding base articles, FAQs on hotel websites and forums let visitors to get self-sufficient while digging out solutions and methods to common travel related queries and issues.

Nowadays, visitors and travelers will always be within the lookout for fast assistance, immediate access to tools in addition to research forums where they are able to fix their issues or seek solutions themselves, with no dependence. Therefore, hotels has to start applying such tools on their own brand websites.

  1. IoT or Internet of products:

RFID-enabled products are prevalent in hotels today. Everyday applications like security tags, room keys, biometrics scanners and toll tags ask them to.

This simplistic yet data-centric technology broadcasts a distinctive identification number -to recognize an individual or perhaps a factor.

These IoT devices deliver data, accept instructions and take actions. IoT enabled electrical devices can report their ability-consumption to central servers in hotels, to help keep a tab on hourly costing. Fraxel treatments can help hoteliers to check on electricity usage, in addition to chalk out better hotel revenue optimization strategies in 2017.

Similarly, with endless options through IoT connected devices, hotels can achieve new heights soon.

  1. AI or Artificial Intelligence

AI or Artificial Intelligence and hotels goes hands in hands later on. Robot butlers happen to be a success today, and have started to quickly capture the public’s imagination. Though studies have shown that human visitors seek human interaction, robots still are able to thrive. Other locations where AI could be leveraged are listed below:

Forecast staff skills sets

Initiate guest-specific training course among staff

Forecast stock and supplies

Locate major city occasions

Result in the necessary orders

Uncover new revenue streams

Uncovering unknown guest behaviors and preferences

Some Interesting Details to help tickle your ideas during these lines, are listed below:

In 2016, 60% of shoppers reported getting greater expectations when it comes to customer support compared to what they did the year before. – Aircall

In next season, travel companies can make loyalty in travel and hospitality segments, by simply tracking their comp-set. While 74% of economic travelers claim that they can prefer booking traverse one platform, only 34% really do. – KDS

60% of Millennials feel better about themselves and the organization when they could straighten out an assistance issue by themselves. – GenHQ

The telephone funnel is not losing relevance, but 70% of Millennial women report being comfortable solving a simple issue without speaking to some human. – Aircall

By 2020, individuals will own typically twenty connected devices, each. – Apple

AI can evaluate consumer habits and patterns without human input. Its Northern Border Face used Watson, IBM’s natural-language processing machine learning system, to produce their Expert Personal Shopper, which fits customers and leads with products. – IBM

Keep in mind that customer expectations are fluctuating and they are consumer census. Along with ever evolving technological progresses, hotels need to deliver specialized services or at best state that they deliver specialized services. Besides, customer support is becoming a lot more multifaceted, and highly crucial for the prosperity of hotel companies. Hence, hotels need to learn how to focus on millennials, offer omni-funnel support, implement self-service customer sources and self-monitor quality assurance practices with IoT. Last although not minimal, they can’t disregard the options of AI to dispense effective customer care. Fundamental essentials couple of hot trends which will go ahead and take hotel industry with a storm and rule supreme, in 2017 and beyond.

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