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Important Things To Check first in your hotel room

You just checked into a comfortable hotel room. There are a few important things that you need to check first. Even before you get started with unpacking your stuff, it is advisable to check with these things in advance.

  • These are simple things that can help save you from dangers and sickness.
  • You have to keep in mind that the hotel room might have been used by others as well in the past.
  • It is important to consider the hygiene factor in advance so you are safe.

So the moment you check into any hotel room, make it a habit to perform these basic checks.

  1. Door lock

Most hotel rooms have physical locking systems installed. You always have to make sure that the locks are in perfect working conditions. So the moment you check into the Manila hotel room always ensure that the main lock works best.

If you feel that it gets stuck at times then it is advisable to request to change the room or the lock immediately. You just don’t want to get stuck inside your room forever.

  1. Bed bugs

In most cases, hotel rooms will always take the best care of bed bugs. But in case, it is always better to unpack only after you are sure that there are no bed bugs. It is best to check under the bedsheet and mattress covers.

If there is a wardrobe, then check with all linens placed inside the wardrobe before using it. you also have to keep in mind that bed bugs are small creatures and may not be visible easily.

  1. Check for escape routes

Most hotels are expected to have escape routes that can be used by everyone in case of an emergency. So the moment you check into a hotel, don’t hesitate to ask about the escape routes. If an accident happens, then you should be able to save your life.

If the hotel does not have a well accessible escape route, then try and look around for other options available nearby.

  1. Clean glasses first

The moment you walk inside any hotel room, you will see a few nice glasses decorated on the tabletop. You have to keep in mind that the glasses might have been used by someone else before you in the past. It is advisable to clean the glasses before you start using them.

This factor is important so you don’t fall sick after using the glasses in your hotel room. Apart from this, the top-rated Manila hotel will always ensure everything is well organized before the guest checks in.