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4 Warning Signs to Look Out for When Booking a Hotel

When you’re on a vacation, the hotel you choose to stay becomes a major part of your vacation experience. Irrespective of the country, city or place you choose to visit, the hotel you stay in makes a great impression on your travel experience. After all, you will be coming back to your room to get ready for another adventurous and fun-filled day the next morning. Not all hotels provide you with the same experience. Every hotel has its own set of facilities.

After realizing the ease of booking hotels through online portals, a large number of people trust and depend on these hotels for their vacations or business meetings. However, most of the times, the pictures displayed on the hotel booking apps or websites are not exactly the same in reality. As most of these websites do not have a refund policy for cancellations, a budget visitor will be forced to compromise with the facilities and comfort.

To make sure that you are booking a hotel that delivers the services it promises on the hotel booking websites, you need to look out for a few warning signs. Here are some warning signs suggested by Auberge Le Pomerol, which will provide you a great travel experience during your next hotel stay:

Negative or Fake Reviews

There are a lot of websites, which are intended for reviewing hotels and their facilities. Before booking a hotel, check the reviews for the hotel you are interested in. If the hotel has negative reviews on many websites, you might want to check for a better option. Also, look for fake reviews updated by the hotel to attract customers. If the reviews praise the hotel a lot, there’s a high chance that the review is fake.

Remote Location of the Hotel

Though the hotel has good reviews, one of the most important things to check before booking is its location. Many hotels are located in places where there are fewer transportation conveniences. A hotel that has easy access to foreign currency exchange, transportation, food etc. should be an ideal choice.

Rude and Unfriendly Staff

Before booking the hotel, give a call to the hotel enquiring about the services they provide. It will help you determine if the hotel staff is friendly or arrogant. Rude hotel staff members are difficult to deal with. To avoid clashes during your stay, look for a hotel that has polite and friendly staff.

Extra Charges for Facilities

Some hotels charge extra for the services they provide in addition to the booking charges. They may charge for the Wi-Fi, pool, and taxes separately at the time of checkout. Be aware of such hotels. Ask the hotel for detailed information about the the additional charges before booking.

To have a good time during a vacation, you need to book a hotel that is clean, well-maintained, cost-efficient, and at a good location. Keep these warning signs in mind while booking a hotel for your next stay to have a wonderful experience.