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Why You Should Visit Singapore’s Green Corridor

Many usually have a difficult time when it comes to choosing a holiday destination. This can happen even after reading a variety of travel blogs and sites. One of the highly-rated tourist destinations you can visit is Singapore. It has a number of beautiful sites and places you can enjoy. You should start your preparations early by getting the right documentation and flight tickets and booking an accommodation. One can get a tourist visa from Singapore consultants list that will ensure the fast approval of the type of visa you need.

Singapore boasts of being a city within a garden. This is because of the parks and green cover surrounding the city. One of the most popular open spaces is the Green Corridor, which is also known as the Rail Corridor. It is a long stretch of about 24 kilometers, which was previously a train track. The tracks were abandoned in 2011, and now the place is full of trees, bushes and lovely flowers. The environment in that area is quite tranquil even though tall buildings, schools, and houses surround it. There are a number of reasons why you should visit the Green Corridor during your Singapore tour.

A Delight for Train Lovers

Those who love trains or the history of trains can visit the Green Corridor in Singapore. This place has a vast stretch of old rail tracks and bridges that you can walk across. You can also spot a projection of the historical Jurong Railway Line, which started in 1932 and grew over the years.

Running Races

This kind of terrain in an open space makes it suitable to host most of Singapore’s running races. The most famous race to be held in this place is the Green Corridor Run, which started back in 2013. It is a 10.5 km race that features participants from different countries. You get to enjoy the beautiful scenery as you run. Locals and other spectators also turn out in numbers to cheer the runners.

Suitable for Dogs

The Green Corridor is also suitable for strolling around with your dogs. Most people find it uncomfortable walking with their dogs in the city because of limited space. The Green Corridor is ideal for dogs because of the available space, serene environment and sweet smell from flowers. They have all the space to run and jump around. You do not have to worry about your dog running off to the streets because this place is also enclosed.

Best Place to Unwind

Relaxing after a long, hectic day is essential. The Green Corridor is one place where you can take a walk and unwind as you enjoy the surrounding environment. Cyclists can also visit this place and enjoy the kilometers of trails by engaging in an excellent form of exercise. Those working around the Green Corridor usually visit this place during lunch breaks to enjoy the scenery. You can find perfect picnic spots. Anytime you are in Singapore, you should spare some time to visit this place.