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Why hire a New York limo service

A New York limo service offers reliable, contemporary, professional and trusted drivers to take you for a drive to your location thereby making your trip relaxing, luxurious and classy. These services offer limousines that are equipped with latest technology and facilities.

The services generally offered are:

  • Airport Transportation – Picking up at your arrival and dropping at your location safely with an added complimentary wait time, if needed, are all included. These drivers generally are available prior to the visitors’ arrival as they follow flight tracking thereby avoiding any inconvenience to the visitor. The transportation is generally either for a corporate meet or a business deal or for a particular occasion. The driving and the drive are efficient and novel. Their service is generally available all over the Tri State area.
  • Business transport – The service can be availed even on a daily basis for business needs. It could be a business meet or daily drop and pick up to the business location. The service is available irrespective of being planned or a last minute one. Carry on with your work by conversing and getting the business forward on a ride peacefully with hassle free driving.
  • Touring New York – Make your New York touring a memorable and classy one wherein you are taken on a trip to specific touring spots or specific landmarks of the city while sipping a champagne or taking the pleasure of inbuilt amenities within the limousine during the ride.
  • Special night out in New York – Travel in comfort during the nighttime enjoying the beauty of New York lights and visiting a restaurant to have a fine dinner.

Some of the popular brand names associated with limousine are Audi, Jaguar, Range Rovers, Volkswagen, Rolls Royce and Mercedes Benz. They come in different capacities and shapes.

Highlights of a limo service

  • Reliability- Reliable transportation is a major aspect for a good travel experience.
  • Fleet maintenance – Since these limousines are rides for longer time periods and hence the maintenance has to be optimum to avoid any inconvenience during the travel such break down. They also handle the wear and tear of the vehicle well.
  • Knowing the city well- The drivers have total and sound knowledge regarding the city landmarks and roads and good spots for dining, lodging and others.
  • Courteous drivers- The drivers generally tend to go an extra mile to help and offer relaxing and smooth drive. The whole journey is made special, safe and sound with their responsible and rules adhering drivers.
  • Well equipped limousines- Watch movies, enjoy a snack, sip in beverages in the extra comfortable ambience.
  • Pricing- Affordable and realistic that is suitable to general public and not just confined to the rich and famous.
  • Wheel chair friendly- Comfort to disable.
  • Luxurious
  • Latest in technology

Get picked up in style and ride in comfort and cherish the ride in relaxation and comfort, have a safe drive and arrive in style with a New York Limo Service. Make a wedding, corporate meet, a birthday party or any occasion special with the service.