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Which is the best accommodation option while visiting Barcelona?

Happy new year! 2018 is here. A new whole year is waiting for us to live it at its maximum. New experiences, new trips, new people to know… what will this new year bring to us?

We still don’t know the answers, but we know for sure the destinations we want to visit, and with no doubt, Barcelona is in the desire list of many of us.

That is why today we will talk about different accommodation options: hotels, hostels, apartments for rent by days in Barcelona, couchsurfing, camping… which are their advantages and disadvantages?

Picture: pixabay

Comfort and security

When travelling to another city or country, hotels are the most chosen accommodation by tourists because of they are an easy solution. You just have to book your room, pay the bill and enjoy your stay.

This way, you can forget about day-to-day tasks such as cooking, cleaning or tidying up the room and focus on discovering all the secrets of Barcelona: touristic destinations, hided corners with unique charm, local gastronomy and traditional culture.

Additionally, hotels are a more secure option than the rest. When we talk about security here, we are not saying that the other options are dangerous, but we mean stability and reputation. Of course, those characteristics vary strongly from one business to another, and there are hostels and apartment rentals that provide high levels of security too.

When centric location and low budgets meet

Imagine a room located just in Las Ramblas. You leave your accommodation and you are in the most emblematic promenade of Barcelona. You can easily walk to Boqueria market, PlaçaReial, or PlaçaCatalunya (the heart and the most centric pointof the city). It sounds great, doesn’t it? But it also sounds expensive…

Hostels are the solution when travelling with low budgets. You can get a room with great location at really economic prices.

Feels like home

Here we have another way to get centric locations at good price: apartments for rent by days in Barcelona.

Furthermore, with this accommodation option we can enjoy the comfort of living in a whole house. We can buy food and cook our own meals and we have more freedom in our day-to-day. In fact, we will feel as we were home.

Travel and meet new people

Do you know Couchsurfing already? In case you don’t, it is a platform where people offer their homes to travelers to stay. The price? Free. No payments.

This is a great way of knowing not only new countries, but also new people and new cultures. This service based on gift economy is really famous between young people nowadays.

Of course, Couchsurfing is not made for everyone. Many people don’t feel comfortable staying in a stranger’s house.

Take a ride on the wild side

This is the favorite option of all adventurers. Camping is really fun and makes you feel like Bear Grylls in the TV show “Man VS Wild”, but finding camping areas near to the city center is a difficult mission. That is why camping is a better option when visiting mountain destinations and out trip is more related to nature instead of big cities.

Additionally, when you camp you strongly depend on weather conditions. When temperatures are so low, or days are windy and rainy, camping experience can be hard.