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What to Do in Jakarta during the Eid Holiday

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The yearly Eid Holiday, where many Indonesians return to their hometowns, leaves Jakarta‘s streets vacant for many days but also makes its malls and tourist attractions much more packed than normal. But do not allow the latter to hold back from investigating the city — with the typical terrible traffic gone, it is a fantastic time to check out some of the capital’s unique attractions. Here are things to do to in Jakarta at the forthcoming Eid holiday.

Shop and play in the Jakarta Fair

The annual Jakarta Fair (Pekan Raya Jakarta) is observing the 492nd birthday of the Indonesian capital this year. The place has several activities for the whole family to choose from food markets, a Betawi’s traditional food bazaar, children playgrounds, live music performances, exclusive promos from over 2,500 participating tenants and a whole lot more. The fair is open even throughout the first three days of Eid, and you can reach the place via public transportation such as the KRL Commuter line (get off in Jakarta Kota or even Rajawali railway station, continue by taxi or ride-sharing app) or is using the specific TransJakarta route.

Heritage and Culinary Excursion in Kota Tua

You can find out about the history of Jakarta through eating and sightseeing. There are many museums in the region, all housed in colonial-era buildings, such as Fatahillah Museum, Bank Indonesia Museum, Maritime Museum, and Jakarta Kota Railway Station. The old station, which is one of the city’s major hubs and one of the most iconic Art Deco buildings in town, has been launched in 1929 and has been appointed as a historical and cultural landmark.

When you’ve gotten your fill of background, you can fill your stomach in Glodok, the largest Chinatown in Indonesia, situated about 1-2 kilometers from Kota Tua. Other than being famous for its digital facilities, there are lots of iconic culinary areas all over the world. There are three main regions in Glodok: Gang Gloria (Gloria Alley), Pancoran Street, and Petak Sembilan Street.

Stop by the Pantjoran Tea House, among the region’s landmarks; or visit Kopi Es Tak Kie, which has been around since 1927. There, you can try the Rujak Shanghai, or slurp the legendary noodle in Bakmi Amoy.

Ragunan Zoo

Yes, it is going to be packed at the zoo throughout the Eid Holiday, as it is a favorite place for tourists, but it is possible to see a good deal of creatures in the 140-hectare zoo at the south of Jakarta. After all, it’s among the oldest, and largest zoos in the world, with over 3,000 animals and 200 species. There are endangered and endangered species from all over Indonesia, such as Sumatran tigers and Komodo dragons. It is possible to see gorillas and other primates in the Schmutzer Primate Center inside the zoo, and there is an aviary center if you are into birds. Ragunan Zoo is easily accessible with automobiles through the Jakarta Outer Ring Road highway or TransJakarta corridor 6.