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What to do if You Get a Quad Bike Stuck?

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Undoubtedly, quad biking is one of the most popular outdoor activities North Wales. It is also used avidly by the local people for work purposes. Regardless of whether it is used for business or sports purposes; you are bound to find your bike stuck at one point or the other. In this situation; try out the below tricks which can prove really helpful.

  • Use a winch: A very simple trick is to attach the small winch to the front or the rear of the vehicle. If it can be attached to an anchor or even your friend’s ATV; your ATV can be pulled out of any tough spot with relative ease.
  • A come-along with a set of tow straps: This pair is the next best thing for those who cannot afford a winch. It is like a hand-powered winch and proves very helpful in pulling the bike out of the jam. Moreover, it is small and portable enough to carry easily.
  • Bring your own anchor: Taking your own anchor during the ride proves a boon in places where you do not find any rock or trees to attach your straps. You get them in different variations. You can just drive it into the ground and then attach the straps from the vehicle to it and tug yourself out of trouble.
  • A shovel is handy: In situations where you have none of the above aids available; you can take help of a folding shovel which must be in your carry items. The tool is excellent to dig out any snow from under your rig and help you pull your bike to a more solid surface. It is ideal for ATV, which is high-sided and in the white stuff.

Owning or enjoying an ATV is not a light task. However, these quad biking North Wales tips can pull you out through any tough situation.