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What to do and see in Paris in two days

The French capital is one of those cities where, no matter the times you visited it in the past, you always discover new thing to do and see. However, Paris also has corners and monuments that can be visited in a weekend, this way, we have the feeling of enjoying this city that is part of our life, because we have seen it many times in films, commercials, novels and so on.

Since we are usually limited by time or budget, here we offer the possibility of enjoying the magical atmosphere of City of Light in two days. How is it possible? In the next paragraphs, you will find an express route available for all budgets.

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Main attractions of Paris

When we only have 48 hours to visit Paris, Eiffel Tower and Nôtre Dame Cathedral are a must. But they are not the only attractions of this dynamic city. That is why we are going to present the neighborhoods we will visit during these two intense days:

Île de la Cité:a train travel to Paris from Spain finishes in the train station called Gare de Lyon, really near to the area known as Paris’ heart. There is not time to waste! We are in a precious island just in the middle of Seine river and here we find the most famous gothic Cathedral all around the world: Nôtre Dame. But we also find SainteChapelle (with its amazing stained-glass windows), and La Conciergerie, where Queen Marie Antoinette was locked up before being beheaded.

District I:the area where the city town is located is the one with more touristic attractions per square meter. This way, when we go across the gorgeous Pont Neuf we find with the magnificent city town. But there are also two essential museums: the historical Louvre, where you will spend at least a whole morning; and Centre Pompidou, a world reference when we talk about contemporaneous art.

Champs-Élysées:when we leave Louvre museumwe see the iconic glass pyramid and Tuileries Garden. If we go through these breath-taking gardens, we get to Place de la Concorde, where the emblematic Champs-Élysées start. It is an impressive avenue that guide us to Arc de Triomphe.

Champ de Mars:from Champs-Élisées to Mars’ ones, where we find the most famous Parisian symbol: Eiffel Tower. With its 300 meters of iron, we can either enjoy astonishing views and walk over a fundamental piece of history of this city. Don’t be afraid by stairs. The experience and views are much greater there, and ticket is cheaper too.

Les Invalides:coming to this Napoleonic construction allows not only enjoying a monumental view, but also one of the lungs of the city. Take a minute to lay on the grass and enjoying all the beauty surrounding you.

Latin Quarter: on the other side of Seine river, we find an area known as LatinQuarter. It is a neighborhood full of life where we will be able to drink one of the famous Parisian coffees. There, we can also find Sorbonne University, Panthéon, Saint-Michel Fontaine and Musée d’Orsay.

Montmartre:if you want to visit Montmartre, you will have to use public transport to go to this charming (but far) Parisian neighborhood. But it is totally worth it, because once there you can enjoy magnificent views and visiting one of its most emblematic habitants: Sacré-Cœur (Basilica of the Sacred Heart). Together with this astonishing building, we can also discover a neighborhood with unique personality and the cinematographic Moulin Rouge, which is a living remain of brilliant times.

Extra Charming Spots to visit during your express trip

We have discoveredseven places to visit, and they are more than enough to live an exciting Parisian experience. Nevertheless, in case you have more available time, here you have some spots to complete your trip:

Tour Montparnasse (Montparnasse Tower):don’t be wrong with this grey enormous building located just in the center of the city. Despite its lack of charming, this spot has the best views of Paris because Eiffel Tower is included in this skyline.

Galeries Lafayette:in District IX, between Louvre and Sacré-Cœur, we find the most glamourous mall of the world.

La Défense:this is the name of the business district of Paris. A modern area full of skyscrapers where we find La Grande Arche, whose gardens and streets are truly an open-air museum.