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Top Summer Vacation Spots to Travel by Private Jet

Summer is indeed an ideal time for vacations. If you are planning for a summer trip with your family, you need to plan soon so that everything can be arranged in a short notice. The rush has already started. If you live in Las Vegas and are on the lookout for some top luxurious getaways by Private Jet Las Vegas, the followings are some top spots which you should consider:

Monterey in California

If you are looking for an ideal Mediterranean type climate during summer, Northern California is the destination you should not miss. Monterey California is an ideal location where mercury hits 70s during summer and you have minimum humidity too. You will get to enjoy some incredible Pacific views and even indulge in some antique shopping as well.   Here you can take part in the Beer Festival in July.

Chicago Illinois

It is true that Chicago is a very windy city where winter is chillier than one can even imagine.  But the summertime is the prime time for a visit here. During summer, the city comes absolutely alive with plenty of festivals and also some high energy block parties. If you love sunbathing, then the city is simply the perfect place to be on the lakeside beaches. You can spend some quality time at Lincoln Park and even explore some restaurants in the old part of the city for enjoying delicious food. The “Taste Of Chicago” food and music festivals are the most celebrated festivals held during the first half of July every year.

Vancouver, British Columbia

If you are looking for one of the best summer destinations in Canada, Vancouver is surely a top choice for travelers. You can make a visit to Stanley Park which is an ideal spot for hiking. Apart from this, you can also opt for the sample Asian Cuisine at the Richmond Night Market. You can even consider taking a dip in the Kits Pool. This pool is a very popular tourist destination and stretches over 450 feet. In addition, you can even take a ferry to Vancouver Island and explore the great natural beauty here. Here the most famous event is the International Jazz festival which is usually held towards the end of June and beginning of July every year.

Cape Cod Massachusetts

If you love the scenic beaches which have many lighthouses, sand dunes on the sea beaches and vast ocean waters, then Cape Cod Massachusetts is the best place that you should visit this summer. Of all popular cuisines, you should relish on the fresh lobsters. The dish is very popular here. You may also visit the Chatham Bars Inn or even take a cruise around Martha’s Vineyard.

Cancun Mexico

If you are a party freak, you must note that Cancun in Mexico in the west is where the party scene takes a different color during the summers. Here during the night, hit the fun-filled Night Clubs and just laze around and enjoy the stunning beaches surrounded by the beautiful blue waters. All these are what will add up to your most precious memories.