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Top Reasons Why You Should Move To Vegas

We all have that one city or location that we think is perfect for living out the rest of our lives. It is that place where we can imagine ourselves being proud and happy to represent and work for. For some people, despite its seemingly counterintuitive alias, it is the Sin City of Las Vegas, Nevada. After all, it is one of the most well-known places in the world, having a direct and massive influence on pop culture. Thinking about living in Las Vegas? Here are some reasons why you should definitely make the move.

Cost of living

Let us start with perhaps the biggest question: is living in Vegas expensive? The short answer is no, comparatively speaking. Of course, we need to consider that Vegas is, after all, one of the major cities in the United States. Naturally, the cost of living here would be a little bit higher compared to some of the more rural areas. However, compared to other cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, you will definitely fare better with your finances here in Sin City. The average rent in Vegas is only $1,506 for a little over 890 square feet of space. Not bad at all. Compare that to the top 10 highest prices in the US, which mostly include major cities, that go upwards of $2,000 for a one-bedroom apartment. 

Availability of living options

Aside from the relatively affordable cost of living, Las Vegas also boasts almost an even split when it comes to household options. Household owners comprise 53% of the housing units while 47% are renter-occupied. This means that you are not disadvantaged either if you just want to rent out or want to invest in a property in the city. 

Low rates and taxes

As a city known for high stakes and gambling, it is quite surprising that Vegas residents also enjoy comparatively low rates for fees and taxes. Locals pay 7% less for healthcare than the national average, and 21% less for electricity. The city is also known to impose reasonable real property taxes, which makes it an ideal place for buying a home or investing in an apartment. 

Thriving city

Las Vegas is a fast-growing city where young professionals and job seekers are more than welcome to start their careers and look for opportunities. One might think that Vegas is only limited to entertainment and hospitality services but other industries, such as city planning, health, medicine, and information technology, are equally thriving, too. This city is also great for remote work functions because many companies offer plenty of co-working spaces and work-from-home jobs.

Efficient public transportation

The public transportation system in Vegas is one of the most efficient in the United States. You can easily traverse the city through the Las Vegas Monorail which is the best alternative to shuttles, taxis, and trams to help avoid traffic. Within a few minutes, the monorail system can connect you to some of the city’s key areas for commuters to and from work. Also, if you want to drive around the city, you are certainly going to experience less traffic as compared to New York or Chicago because Vegas is not as congested as those areas.

Lots of things to do

Vegas is known to be an extremely dynamic environment. Here, you are sure to never run out of things to do and places to explore. It boasts thousands of establishments for food, entertainment, and socialization, especially along downtown Vegas and most notably on the Strip. It also frequently holds festivals and events, meaning activities are aplenty all year round. Finally, the people you meet here are diverse. As Vegas is a tourist city, you are almost certain to make new friends now and then which could help you improve and expand your social circle.