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Top Reasons to Visit Val Thorens if You are a Nature Lover

Val Thorens is one of the highest resorts in Europe which is considered to be the best the holiday homes Snowdonia. Val Thorens is one of such resorts that have the beautiful scenery and the majestic view of mountain Snowdon which makes the place a favorite one for the mountain lovers. Also, the skiing experiences are very popular here. Val Thorens won the World Ski awards for two years. This place is highly convenient for skiing because it’s a part of three beautiful valleys. Kids from 8 to experts can experience amazing skiing in here.

  • The resort

Voted as the best resort by the people which is why the resort is enormously popular. It’s a part of the three valleys that adorns the entire area. Being the highest resort in Europe, it has the best snowfall in here. The resort provides the best accommodations where the students have it cheaper. Also, there is a spa facility and a number of other luxurious facilities.

  • The snow

There is plenty of snow to see in here. As the town is on 2300 meters, it’s the best place for snow. It’s a guaranteed skiing place and a comfortable one as well. All the lifts are generally open, except some lower runs are closed, but that isn’t a problem at all. The skiing will go as smoothly as any visitors have expected.

  • Delicious food

From delicious Tartiflette to heavy beef burgers or maybe the delicious melting slices of Cote de Boeuf, all are available here. Val Thorens will serve you every delicious food you want to taste. The Malaysian club offers La Maison Blanche, simply making it a must visit. The amazing cuisine and the perfect decoration is enough to win every heart.

  • The Scenery

The view is a grand one without any doubt. The Alps, Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn adorning the scenery are aesthetic for every eye. Enjoying the views while skiing from the top of the mountain provides for an experience of a lifetime.

Thus, it would be a great idea to enjoy a few days in Val Thorens and experience the ultimate beauty of nature.