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Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Pembrokeshire Wales


TYF Adventure: TYF Adventure is the top among things to do in Pembrokeshire if you happen to be an adventure tourist. Located at the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, the place is known for rock climbing, kayaking, surfing and coasteering. Stand-up paddle-boarding is the other adventure sports you can find here.

Climbing and cliff jumping are the two main attractions of coasteering at KYF. Surfing on the high seas with the latest technology based surfing boards is a thrilling experience you will not forget for the rest of your life. If you are ready to take a few risks in your adventure, it is time to choose the TYF rock climbing challenge.

Ramsey Island: Ramsey Island is located at a distance of one kilometre from the St David’s Head in Pembrokeshire. It is among our top things to do in Pembrokeshire because of its wilderness, sea-life exploration, and whale watching adventures.

You can hire a private boat from St Justinian’s to reach Ramsey Island. Or you may also choose the tour boats that go to the Island. Seals are the biggest attractions of the Island.  The boat travels around the island circumference and introduces you to the vast range of other marine species also.


Pembroke Castle: Located at Pembroke SA71 4LA, UK, the castle has a long history since its construction in 1093 by the Arnulf of Montgomery. Since then it has witnessed many historical events from the Norman invasion to royal weddings, second civil war, and even the Second World War. The castle was used as ammunition depot during war times.

It is mainly made of mortar, timber, and siltstone compounds. Keep-and-Dungeon tower is the main attraction in the castle. You will need least half day of time to explore the castle, because of its vastness and the collection of historical preservatives.

St Davids Cathedral: St Davids Cathedral is located at the Pebbles, St Davids, Haverford west SA62 6RD, UK. It was authorised as the official church in the year 589. The architecture is a combination of British-Gothic and Roman style. The importance of this cathedral is such that two visits will be considered equal to a visit to Rome. Many consecrations have taken place within this cathedral since its inception to the present day. The cathedral is among our top things to do in Pembrokeshire, due to its spiritual and historical importance.


Pentre Ifan: Pentre Ifan is a great place to visit if you are interested in prehistoric Pembrokeshire archaeology. It is a place known for its Neolithic structures like the burial chambers. Archaeologists say the structures are from 3500BCE. It was extensively used for burying the dead from the nearby communities. The large stone chamber covers an area of 30 meters length and 17 meters in width. The most interesting element is the precision technology used in the placement of stones in crisscross patterns. From an external view it appears like a heap of stones, but if you go nearer, it is a great archaeological wonder. Hence, it is among our top things to do in Pembrokeshire. There are many such burial grounds spread all across Pembrokeshire.

St David’s Head Hut Circles:  St David’s Head Hut Circles is among our top things to do in Pembrokeshire because it is an ancient living space. Innumerable stone structures remnants can be found here. Here, the archaeologists discovered plenty of weaving spindles, grain grinders, hides, and other forms of household utilities made of stone. What remains today are only the broken pieces. An expert guide will be able to accompany you through the visit and explain the history in detail.


Goat Street Gallery: If you are an art lover, 28 Goat St, St Davids is the right place to visit. It is among our top things to do in Pembrokeshire due to its vast range of artistic exhibition objects. Most attractive elements are the creations of Annie Hutchinson, Cleo Mussi, Becky Crawford, Scott Benefield, and Dennis Farrell.  

You can find plenty of other artworks from unknown artists in the gallery which represent the fusion of classical and modern art. There is a lot to explore in this gallery from the ancient chairs to the classical era chandeliers.

White-Lion-Street Gallery: White-Lion-Street Gallery is located on 1 White Lion Street, Tenby SA70 7ES, Wales. It is completely dedicated to the works of the most innovative artists you can find in Wales. Many of them are highly abstract in nature. You will need a pair of artistic eyes and a heart to experience them. Besides, there are many collections of classical vessels and dolls which make your visit extremely innovative experience. Wall-hanging paintings are some of the most interesting aspects you can find here in this gallery.

Cuisine and Wine

Celtic Wine: What would you after spending the whole day out doing adventure, exploring history and archaeology and experiencing art? So, your next destination is obviously the Celtic Wine pub. Celtic wine is located at 1a Warrior Way, Pembroke Dock. The pub serves the vast range of wines from all over Europe. The best among them is naturally the Wales wine. Apart from wine, you can get to taste cognac; brandy and the best of British scotch whiskey you might have ever dreamt.

British Restaurant:  If you wish to enjoy the best British cuisine with cocktails, the best place is to visit the Shed Fish & Chip Bistro. It has a vast range of wine, beer, and spirits. The British flavoured foods are among the most favourite in Wales. It is among our top things to do in Pembrokeshire due to the taste and flavour of the various types of foods.

Combination of fish varieties from Cod to salmon and river fish makes a great salad here. The cooks have perfected the art of adding the exact volume of spices and preparing the cuisine. The best thing about the foods here is garnishing. You can choose specific types of combination for every type of seafood that is served here. You should visit the place at least once when you visit Pembrokeshire. The best way to enjoy your stay at Pembrokeshire is to hire a Poppit Sands Holiday Cottage, feel comfortable and then start your tourism adventure.