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The Most Recommended Things to Do in Bandung

Bandung city has been one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia especially for those who want to have the distinctive vacation. It is because this particular city will definitely be able to offer you so many great things that you cannot find in any other cities for sure. All of them will definitely make your vacation in Bandung becomes so awesome and unforgettable at once. Then, are you so curious about the things to do in bandung that are so recommended for you? If you are, you better keep reading below.

Well, there are so various recommended things to do in bandung in order to spend your spare time fascinatingly. Some of them are like:

  • Enjoying beautiful and adventurous Kawah Putih

One of the most recommended things that you have to do when you take a vacation in Bandung is enjoying the beautiful and adventurous Kawah Putih. This amazing tourism object will definitely show you the jaw dropping view of a crater that is surrounded by the white sand. This kind of sand is actually formed because of the soil which consists of sulfur. Well, the combination of the crater and the white sand make this place have the exotic scenery that can please the eyes of everyone who sees it. So, it is clear that you will never feel regret visiting this place whenever you are in Bandung city.

  • Tasting the delicious special food

Furthermore, Bandung is actually known very well as a city where you can find so numerous special delicious foods. There are so many options that you can choose, which can be like peuyeum (the fermented cassava), surabi (traditional pancake from Bandung), siomay, and many more still. However, it is a must for you to try martabak which is commonly offered to you in two different variants (sweet martabak and salty martabak made of eggs and vegetables). You can make them as the nice gifts for your lovely family and friends at home.

  • Shopping at the shopping centers

The last but not least, you have to make sure that you go shopping at the shopping centers in Bandung. There are so many factory outlets and boutiques that can offer you various outfits with the distinctive designs that you will admire for sure. All of them will be available for you at the very affordable prices that everyone can reach so easily. Even, there are so many tourists from the different countries such as Singapore and Malaysia that come to this place whenever they look for the special gifts for their beloved ones.

In conclusion, all of them are some of the most recommended things to do in bandung. They will definitely make your holiday in this incredible city become so much more splendid than ever. In the simple words, those things can really make you find the different sides of the city that can make you fall in love with it so instantly. In the end, you will always want to go back to Bandung city when the holiday time has come.