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The cruise terminal of the port of Livorno

Livorno is a town located a few steps away from the Tyrrhenian Sea, a perfect destination for those who want to travel in Tuscany, or a great starting point for cruisers and boat trippers.

This ideal location makes Livorno suitable an optimal base for a tuscan holiday made of sea, culture and wine. The port of Livorno has many connections towards all of the major ports of the Mediterranean.

Every year, about 5000 ships, belonging to more than 200 different companies, pass through the port of Livorno. There are about 300 regular shipping lines to the rest of Italy, but also to Europe, North America, South America, Middle and Far East and Australia.

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Every year the port of Livorno handles 20 million tonnes of cargo. Aside from the containers, within the port area there are also zones for bulk liquids and solids, motor vehicles, pulp and timber, general cargo, minerals and iron manufacturing products, cereals, fruits and frozen products.

Livorno, thanks to its great location linked to its hinterland (Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, Umbria and Marche) is particularly rich in entrepreneurial initiatives, and is able to offer great deals, with a substantial amount of “merchantise”.

There are specialized terminals provided with equipment to suit all types of goods. The terminal area of the port of Livorno is not too big, so it allows visitors to get around without any difficult; from here will leave all the touristic boats, and obviously, the cruises.

Cruisers from all over the world reach Livorno during a Mediterranean Cruise. From here there are many shore excursions to Florence, to Pisa or to Cinque Terre, three of the most interesting sights, less than one hour drive from the cruise terminal.

The port has a cool look with the many boats parked which offer a picturesque view, thanks to the wonderful Old Fortress, a symbol of Livorno.

The port often hosts large and beautiful ships that people can admire and visit, like the Amerigo Vespucci. The port also is also quite close to the historical center, for this reason everyone can take a tour at the heart of the city.