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The Best Restaurants in Labuan Bajo You Must Try

Here’s a guide to the very best restaurants at Labuan Bajo to see before or after connecting us onto a Komodo Cruise.

1.     The Palm

Found in the core of Labuan Bajo, The Palm Komodo is a recently opened hostel that’s also a pub. Strategic place if you would like to be near the airport, only 1 km distance.

2.     Happy Banana

The location for sushi fans in Labuan Bajo. Unusual lovely interiors with a great deal of focus for specifics. Broad choice of dishes, sushi & sodas to meet any covetous palates.

3.     Made in Italy

Italian customs in growing and cooking organic produce in Flores. Chef Patron Marco Bertini made the very first Italian restaurant in the state that worked closely together with local farmers using an actual premium excellent standard. By Ravioli to Beef Carpaccio Pizza and out of Pumpkin Ravioli into Tiramisu. You can’t overlook the homemade limoncello to shut your lunch/dinner.

4.     La Cucina

An Italian cafe decorated in Victorian style. The atmosphere is cozy due to the ribbon and a bit of terrace overseeing the bay. Excellent pasta, sandwiches, pasta, and focaccia. More expensive when compared with local cuisine; however, quality and flavor are astoundingly terrific.

5.     Local Seafood Marketplace

Also known as Pasar Malam, you can discover lots of little restaurants in the neighborhood night food marketplace. About the Warungs, lots of sharing tables to have a chair and revel in black bass specialties. Perfect to talk with folks from all around the world and discuss travel tips.

6.     Warung Mama

Indonesia food place in Bajo became a favorite place for backpackers. It is a theory pick and is perfect for getting a yummy tummy. The chilled atmosphere at which you can find fried chicken to sauteed tempeh from soya sauce, from fish in curry sauce and much more. You are going to be billed depending on the amount of those bits served. Good quality & cost.

7.     Le Pirate

Le Pirate is mainly renowned for its resorts in Labuan Bajo and has a restaurant that overlooks the road and provides live music, music, and tacos. Beautiful atmosphere and friendly support.

8.     Bajo Bay Fisherman’s Club

The restaurant confronted the harbor but away from the busy street. It functions as both Western and noodle dishes with a vast array of choices with meat, fish. Only options too for vegetarian flavor.

9.     Bajo Bakery

For healthier smoothie bowls, do not attempt Bajo Bakery. To get a super healthful & tasty breakfast or snack, then make sure to stop by for your smoothie dishes. Our favorite is the Chocolate-Banana-Peanut Butter. Also you’re able to delight in overlooking the wonderful ocean view.


For mouth-watering hamburgers, why not attempt BURGER TIME. Sister company to La Cucina, Burger Time includes tasty hamburgers and hot dogs plus sides. We urge the Veggie Burger with additional jalapeños along with the garlic parmesan chips!

11.  CATUR’Z

For enjoyable vegetarian meals, why don’t you attempt CATUR’Z. Due to being a tiny bit from the primary city, this restaurant does not get the habit it warrants. It’s a comparatively small menu, but they’ve completely nailed the dishes that they do function.


For the ideal cake and coffee in the city, why don’t you try CAFE.IN.HIT. A mix of Sumatran and Java beans is blended by the proprietor in LB, leading to a beautiful coffee. Make sure you accompany their yummy, freshly baked cakes.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts, or urban attractions, additional research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Labuan Bajo by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.