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The Advantages of a Self Catered Holiday

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Self-catering holidays have a long-standing record of being popular, whether it be at home or abroad. Due to staycations increasing in the UK, the demand for self-catering holidays has also risen.

There’s lots of choice for these style of holidays throughout the UK, including self catering Aberdovey – which is set above the stunning seaside town of Aberdovey in North Wales. With many Britons, and even visitors from further afield looking into self-catering holidays, here’s an overview of the advantages associated with them.


You don’t have to be down in the hotel restaurant for a certain time every morning for breakfast, you can have a lie in, or even be wild and have your breakfast at midday! Self-catering means that you can wine and dine to your schedule and preferences. The freedom that comes with self-catered holidays can’t be beaten by a stereotypical hotel holiday; come and go as you please, without disturbing the room neighbours next door.

A Homelier Feel

With lovely a kitchen and cooking facilities at your disposal, staying in self-catered accommodation will give you a homelier feel. Self-catered accommodation gives you a base from which to explore the area and to have somewhere you feel comfortable to come back to and relax at. When you stay in a self-catering property such as a villa or cottage, you’ve got plenty of room to spread out.

More Economical

Generally speaking, self-catered holidays can work out to be cheaper than all-inclusive deals, particularly if you choose accommodation where you can all contribute to the costs. Self-catering properties are usually much more spacious than typical hotel rooms, so they’re perfect for those of you travelling in larger groups as they are very sociable spaces.

With good planning, and a budget in mind, you can make delicious food but for half the price of restaurants. That way you don’t have to worry about making reservations, and it saves money!

Cooking (& tasting local cuisine)

Self-catering holidays provide you with the unique opportunity to immerse yourselves in the local culture and cuisine. Play with championed local produce and get creative in the kitchen; you’ll have a truly authentic holiday experience.

Chance to Relax

Whilst we all enjoy a good holiday, they can be incredibly stressful to organise. When you have a lot of things that you want to see and do during your holiday, you can start to feel the pressure, which isn’t ideal when you’re supposed to be relaxing. Self-catering holidays provide the chance to take some time away from your hectic daily schedule – relaxing in a home away from home.

Pet Friendly

This isn’t always the case, but quite a few self-catered accommodations are pet friendly (this may come with an additional cleaning charge). Being able to take your four-legged friend on holiday with you takes all the stress any out of trying to find someone to doggy-sit for you!

As self-catering holidays are becoming more popular, it’s easy to see why places like Aberdovey Hillside Village exist, they provide a homely atmosphere set in a simply stunning back-to-nature location.