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Next Adventures are in the Mountains

When someone talks about tour destinations, mountains are not the first place that springs to mind. Ordinarily, one thinks of tropical beaches for relaxation or tourist hot-spots as the ideal places for traveling. However, no one can challenge the allure of mountains for one seeking adventure. The high peaks with their challenging slopes just screams of adventure. A mountain trek might not be your cup of tea, but once you try it, you will not be able to have enough.

Kandoo tour of Nepal and Bhutan provide excellent places for mountain lovers to look forward to. Here are some benefits why it will interest you

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  • It’s safe and unique experience. It’ll add spice to your dull life making you gain new skills.
  • It takes you to an ethical environment. Not only do these places make a great picture and selfie spots but also give a calm and serene atmosphere for meditation.
  • They offer an exceptional hand-picked guide with the best knowledge and world-class safety equipment and follow the rule of “safety first, safety second and enjoyment third.”
  • You will be able to gain not only a physical experience but also mental exposure. You’ll see and experience new things in life and achieve a new look on yourself.
  • Get a pre-idea of what to expect and full guidance on what you need to bring to make your trip memorable. They make sure you are not caught off-guard in your heavenly experience. This is not all. There is a lot you can do in these tours as they come with a wide variety of other benefits and activities to like:
  • Climbing beautiful peaks like: Kilimanjaro, Mera Peak, Island peak and many more. They are a good exercise for people looking for adventure in life. Climbing mountains might be a little scary in the start, but once you get the hang of it, it can become a hobby. These camps give the safest environment and best tools for your first climb.
  • Karter camps of Kilimanjaro: Provide an exciting place to live. They make you experience the feelings and expectations of people who scaled Kilimanjaro. Even if you are not going to mount the peak this place still provides an interesting resting place with the beautiful and memorable scenery.
  • Getting you ready to climb the heights: If only living in camps and sharing feelings is not enough, you can get a little daring. They also prepare you to trek the mountain on your own. If you are brave enough, you might want to engrave your names in these majestic peaks
  • Hiking the mountains is both fun and exhausting: It is perfect for all people who want to lose weight and have fun doing it. There exist several trekking camps all over the place, and you can choose your ideal place there.

All this and still so much more to do. Kandoo tours prepare you for the best strange experience of your lives, and you can check them out at If you feel the call of the mountain, then don’t hesitate. If you are passionate about high altitudes or looking for adventures travels, then this is your call.