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Magnificent Excursion to Vietnam and Laos: Two Treasures of the Land

Have you ever wondered about how Vietnam’s Halong Bay could be stunningly legendary? Or how does Luang Prabang becomes one of the faces of Laos? Those two questions do not even wrap up the whole itinerary of Vietnam Laos Tours could show the world. But here, you are going to see a little part of them.

Halong Bay, one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, is located in northern Vietnam, stretched along the coastline of east Hanoi. Its stunning attractiveness is undoubtedly placed on the bay’s so many islands which look like pearls in the water from sky.
It is estimated that there are 1969 limestone make up Halong Bay’s islands. From each of them, we can see a huge number of tropical trees stood out from the soil and embellish the top surface of the islands with their greenery.
Not only that, there are caves situated at the lover part of the islands, to where tourists can sail through the stone walls and witness how water has carved its surface into what it looks like now. You can also opt to enjoy the sun by lying down the beach, where several remarkable animal species such as antelope, wild monkeys, and lizards would be your hosts.
In order to reach the bay, you have various modes of transports ready, from minibus to seaplane. Each of the transport offers different experiences to tourists. You are given flexible options to choose from, depending on your interests and budget. Consider taking day trip to be able to enjoy the view of Halong Bay under the sunlight, especially on the cruise trip.
There is one similarity between Halong Bay and Luang Prabang. Both of them are noted as UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. No wonder how Laos’s Luang Prabang can serve that acknowledgement to the nation of Laos as it is the place where culture and nature are both conjoined to showcase the harmony between the two of them.

Tourists are reminded to behave well, especially when they are enjoying local monks doing their prayers or ceremonies. When you are in this place, spare your time to visit Haw Kham, a royal palace which has been transformed into a national museum. Also, Chomsy Hill is worth a visit as it serves the stunning scenery of hill where you can climb up to see the sunrise or sunset.

With all those in your Vietnam Laos tour packages, what can you ask more?