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Looking for a Summer Adventure in Croatia?

On the off chance that you have a more adventurous family, or a group of companions that are simply tingling for a summer adrenaline, then yachting in Croatia is the perfect getaway for you.

Furthermore, if you spent hours gazing at photos of a Croatian island and you can’t stop cherishing it, it’s a good chance that a sailing holiday at the Adriatic coast is meant for you this year.
To please your and your family’s wild spirit, consider a private yacht charter Croatia – a safe sailing way that won’t stop you visiting the places you previously picked. Also, private yachting will offer you a lot more charms.

So, you got the courage, your family can’t wait for the summer to come, and you daydream of the day spent at some adorable peaceful island watching the sunset and enjoying the views. Still, there is much more to do before heading up to Croatia. First of all:Image result for Looking for a Summer Adventure in Croatia?

Charter your yacht from

Finding the yacht that your family will be happy to spend the holiday weeks at the Adriatic coast can be a tricky part, as there are plenty of offers that you can easily be lost in. To make things easier, Book2Sail has created the perfect engine that will cut down your search for the perfect yacht (not to forget – at the best prices) in just few minutes.
All you need to know is your exact dates and the most preferable yacht you would like to cruise with and the vacation can begin.
So now you are probably wondering – where should my Croatian sailing start from? The answer is undisputable:

Start your sailing vacation on a yacht at the pearl of the Adriatic: Dubrovnik

The spellbinding walled city well-set on the south of the Dalmatian coast is a top destination that has thousands of tourists each year. This is not by chance, since the stunning city has lots of hidden treasures that you wouldn’t resist. Dubrovnik happens to be founded by Greek sailors, that (just like you) were eager to discover the Adriatic coast and its beauties. Centuries later, the city became a home of open-minded people, as it is today.
You are probably wondering what’s the best you can do while in Dubrovnik? Start walking across the main street called Stradun. It’s architecture, the monasteries and the oldest pharmacy will leave you speechless. Then, go on exploring the old city that has many surprises for you: the bars set on cliffs looking towards the sea, the authentic restaurants and their great cuisine. You wouldn’t want to miss the famous city walls of Dubrovnik that are the second most inspiring walls after the Chinese, as well as the Minceta fortress – the most famous one among the many fortresses, which offer a wonderful view of the interior of the city. Visiting this fortress will definitely give you tons of ideas of the things and places you want to discover in Dubrovnik.

When you finish exploring the pearl of the Adriatic, you can mindfully let your yacht take you to some superb coastal spot or one of the 1000 islands in Croatia, all marvelous in their own way. We promise that you will return home with nothing but wonderful memories.