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Limousine Rental Tips

Limousine means luxury. On special occasions like weddings, party and prom, renting a limo is a must, and if you live in the glamorous New York City, then you must be habituated to traveling in style, such as just going to the airport from home. But you need to know about limo services well before you go and book a car. So here is a guide for all you need to know about renting limos.

Limo type and expenses

First you need to know that there are generally six types of limos that vary in expenses. They are luxury sedans that are standard town cars, stretch Sedans that allow more legroom, 6, 8, 10, 12-18 passenger super stretch limousines and stretch specialty vehicles (SUV’s). Limousines can cost $50 – $300 per hour depending on the limo type. Although New York limo service is famous for its goodwill, it is difficult to rent a limo for only an hour; you have to rent it for at least 2-3 hours.

Limo Rental Tips and Tricks

  1. Right Type of Limo

Decide the number of guests, extra space requirement, luggage, and the occasion beforehand to choose the right kind of limo so that the guests are happy and comfortable inside.

  1. Book in Advance

Booking a limo in advance is recommended. Don’t call at the last minute when all the limos are booked. Book it to be relaxed about everyone having a pleasant experience during the special occasion.

  1. Be Alert about the Vehicle

To be absolutely sure that the limo service is authentic, check the limo permits and other necessary documents including company license. Also, don’t forget to visually examine and inspect the interior of the vehicle.

  1. Quality over Price

Do not judge a service based on the price only. Be sure to check the quality for your own safety.

Finding a perfect limousine service for you

  1. Limousines are used for different occasions. For example, a wedding and a funeral both can seek a limousine service. But a limo with a bar inside is great for a party whereas it is inappropriate for a funeral. So check if your needs are suited before you choose a service.
  2. Drivers must be thoroughly checked out before they drive. Most reputable New York limo service companies will ensure this. Be sure about this beforehand.
  3. Find a reputable and high-quality limousine service that can provide a range of vehicles. Check online reviews about the company.
  4. Some limousine companies are only available in a limited number of areas whereas some expand their service from one city to another.

Limousine Etiquette Tips

How To Get In – To avoid last-minute mishaps and clumsiness, allow the driver to open the door and sit in the first empty seat. Then scoot along the seats until you find the right spot.

Don’t Fight – It is true that limo is for partying and drinking. But don’t be too intoxicated to start a fight inside the limo.

Party Rules – Check with the company when you book about having any alcohol approved, and be generally respectful while inside the car. Don’t swear at your driver or be obnoxious.

Don’t Trash – Don’t leave trash or throw food and drinks in the limo. Don’t put your shoes all over the seats. Some New York limo service companies charge cleaning fee for the mess.

Tip – You should tip your driver 15% of the limo rental fee for a regular ride, and 20% for special occasion.