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Know the Reasons Why Visiting Chennai Can Be an Awesome Idea

Apparently, people think Chennai doesn’t have much tourist destinations. But, if you want to find true Chennai, you need to spend a few days here. From cinema to culture, from food to apparels, Chennai can surprise you in every twist and turn. It has its own culture and color to attract tourists. There are different flight services, like Dubai to Chennai cheap Flights, London to Chennai flights, New York to Chennai flights and so on. The best time to visit Chennai in December. Let’s find out why Chennai can be a great tourist destination for coming vacation.

  1. You Can Have a Great Weather

As Chennai is close to the Bay of Bengal, you can experience tropical weather here. If you avoid the months of summer, the weather of Chennai is soothing throughout the year. Monsoon is really romantic in Chennai.

  1. Experience Cultural Chennai in December

Chennai Music Festival is organized in December and January every year. If you are fond of cultural music, this is the best time to visit Chennai. Not only music, but you can also get to visit the different cultural dance forms. Along with that, there are art fests, discussions, performances, and meets are organized where you can also take part.

  1. Enjoy the Scrumptious Food in Chennai

If you want to taste the authentic South Indian cuisine, you can get the best of it in Chennai. This state is the birthplace of famous South India dishes, like vada, idli, dosas, chow chow bath and so on. You can find several restaurants which offer amazing dishes at an affordable rate.

  1. Spend an Evening at Marina Beach

You will be surprised to know that Marina is the second longest urban beach in the world while it the first in India. Stretched about 13 km, this beach is really a tourist attraction. Hold the hand of your partner and watch the sunset together. That is the moment that you will cherish for a lifetime. Make your enjoyment double with the foods from beach shacks, like corn cob, fried fish, fresh lime water, coconut water and so on.

  1. Enjoy the Aromatic Coffee in Chennai

While you are in South India, you can get the best coffee there. And if it is Chennai, then the filter coffee or kaapi is the thing you should have experienced here. If you are a coffee lover, then you will surely fall in love with the coffee that is served with frothy cow’s milk. It’s really awesome.

  1. Enjoy the Fragrance of Flowers in Chennai

You can call Chennai the temple town. And when it is so, you will find an abundance of flowers over there. It is difficult to find a lady who doesn’t wear ‘Gajra’ (small garlands of flowers) on their bun. That enhances their beauty more. You can also try it.

So, these are certain reasons that will make you fall in love with Chennai. Go for it and have some great time in Chennai.