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Iowaska Peru Retreat in 2020

Now with this pandemic lockdown threat looming large in the global horizon, the time has come for a natural cure of our physical and mental blocks.  The ayahuasca brew is an amazingly psychoactive brew which is native to the Amazon tribes. It is made out of banisteriopsis caapi and the psychotria viridis. This plant drink is also aimed at healing or at least reducing a lot of physical and mental ailments which plague human kind. The mind is our best friend and at times our worst enemy. It can become fogged with all kinds of anger, depressions, shame, fear and guilt which has accumulated like silt over the sands of time. So you can resort to properly guided ayahuasca sessions to overcome these problems and become a new person.

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This plant drink which is also known as yage or liana is touted to be a healing potion for certain mental blocks.  The clinical counseling and therapy may not be of much help in severe problems like childhood abuse or trauma. In fact, ayahusca which is a psychoactive brew can help you a lot in the self purification and self cleansing procedure in minimum sessions if done with well trained, genuine, ethical and licensed healers. You can click on the ultimate guide to iowaska for more details.  The sale of this yage potion has become a common place online. But if you really wish to have an ayahuasca session then you need to be very careful with it. The shamans in Peru have had years of experience down the ages to try out the different innovative ways and fresh plant materials of preparing this tea. If you    need to really conduct a well planned yage treatment, a retreat with a trained shaman is what you need.

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There are of course a lot of retreats and shamans to select from, each boasting of their own exclusivity. But you need to be very specific in order to choose the right retreat for yourself. The well-known retreat of Moyano’s – ayahuasca en Peru is one of the best in the business. The Shipibo shamans are well known and extremely acclaimed for their extraordinary skills and healing techniques. It even cures sensitive issues like erectile dysfunctions and even amnesia. So have a life altering experience with the ayahuasca intake and change your life for the better.