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How To Spend A Sunday In Rome

Sunday is a day when normally every person goes into the leisure mode. So, does the city of Rome. Many of the tourist spots like Vatican Museums are closed to the tourists on Sunday. To make this day of the week memorable, tourists are given a choice of Sunday Tours of Rome. The Sunday tour is ideal for family outings and for short visit. So, if you are in mood to check in to Rome one weekend and want to spend whole day in fun and frolic, you can make use of Sunday tour, which is actually a 7-hr trip covering various points in this city.

Highlights of Sunday tour

The best part of the tour is that you are provided with a private guide who actually knows how to save time and cover Rome in the least possible efforts. Thus, it starts early morning at about 8 am or 9 am. The dedicated driver and the guide come to pick you up and take you straight to the Colosseum – the most charming place of Rome, famous for ruins and history. You will also be travelling to Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum before taking the mid morning break.

Further, the tour takes you to Catacomb – the underground burial grounds in Rome. This place reminds you of the interesting traditions Romans followed in the past. Catacombs of Rome were built to meet the requirements of burial places that arose due to shortage of land and so, the idea of burial tunnels came to the fore. These places have now been restored to give tourists a glimpse of the past Roman life.

Next place worth mentioning of this tour is the Appian Way.  It is an important location of a self-guided walk tour. If you can afford, try to get down off the vehicle and take a walk from Catacombs to Appian Way. This short walking tour introduces you to hustle and bustle of Rome city and offers you a close look of the ruins and frescoed buildings. Appian Way connects Rome to Brindsi, the southeast part of Italy. There is an archeological park Parco Regionale dell’Appia Antica too, that can make your Appian way visit all the more memorable.

The next stop you can choose as Circus Maximus. This is an ancient entertainment center in Rome. It used to be a chariot racing site in the past. It is restored for public viewing and still organizes some entertainment events during the festival seasons in Rome.

Sunday tour can stretch up to 4-6 pm depending upon the time you started. These tours are organized in a personalized fashion to make these enjoyable for the user. It is purely up to you how you make the most of the time and cover as many places as you can. By the end of the day, you will be soaked in the refreshing feel of having a day spent in beautiful city of Rome and will be fully prepared to go back to your city with memories of a beautiful weekend.