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How to Escape the Busyness of London When You’re on Business

Travelling to London for business can be a hectic affair. The very same attributes that make it a strategic commercial centre are the same things that will also wear you down while you’re there for business.

The World Bank in one study of its health insurance claims noticed that staff who travelled for work had significantly higher claims for health conditions than those who didn’t travel for work. Another separate study by the same institution found that 75% of the staff experienced high or very high stress due to travelling for business. If you want to maintain your health and wellbeing, you need to find ways to slow down when travelling to London for business. Here are some ideas you can use:

Get a Short Term Let

The most available form of accommodation for business travellers has traditionally been hotel rooms. While this might work fine when you’re on the road for a day or two, it can become impractical and expensive for the business traveller who needs to stay in London for more than a few days.

A short-term stay in a residential environment when travelling from a few weeks up to up to six months is the most recommended option to get you to slow down. While it may not be easy to get short lets in London, it isn’t impossible, and the benefits are worth it.

You get to live in a quieter, private space than a typical hotel and you can entertain guests, family and colleagues more comfortably. If you are new to Britain, a short-term let will enable you to experience first-hand the lifestyle of the locality you’re in. It will help you slow down amidst the busyness of your business travel which will positively impact your health and wellbeing.

Visit the London Wetland Centre

One of the best defences against travel stress is unwinding in the midst of nature. The London Wetland Centre is a peaceful nature spot that offers you a chance to sit among the trees and hear the birds chirping even on a typical rainy British day. Just 10 minutes away from Hammersmith, the Wetland Centre will replace the smoggy city air filled with fumes and vehicular noise with clean, flower scents and a tranquil environment.

If you happen to be a bird watching aficionado, the London Wetland Centre offers a guided service where you can get to see rare species of birds. An afternoon in the Centre will leave you invigorated and ready to face that gruelling meeting ahead.


Business travels can have a negative effect on your health if you don’t intentionally take measures to slow down. The key to balancing the busyness of business travel in London is to find space you can relax and take some time to yourself. Take advantage of nature spots to commune with the tranquillity of creation or recreate home with short lets in London. Whatever option you take, remember that only workers who look after their health and wellbeing become useful and productive in the long run.