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How to Enjoy Maldives to the Fullest

Maldives is like the most exclusive destination in the world. It offers pure luxury with its sea bungalows extending over the sea. Maldives’ turquoise sea is also scenic and so inviting. Luckily, a holiday to Maldives is no longer reserved for the rich. It opens its arms to mid-range tourists and backpackers as well. Here’s how you can enjoy Maldives to the fullest with minimum budget.

Choose the Transportation Wisely

What’s the best and the cheapest way to get to Maldives? You can take the local ferry boat or via speedboat. Taking ferry boat via Male will costs you about $3. While it’s cheap, it operates on a sparse timetable. Alternatively you can take a private speedboat which is more expensive. But on the same time, you can depart at any time of the day. The driver will charge you for about $25.

Skip The Bungalows

Do you know Maldives’ water bungalows cost up to thousand dollars per night? Yeah, it’s pretty damn expensive for average travelers. There’s better and cheaper alternative to that. You can find cheaper accommodations in Maafushi Island. There are also other inhabited islands in Maldives such as Guraidhoo, Dhigurah, or Thoddoo boasting guesthouses. The prices vary, however they are clearly much more affordable than the bungalows.

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Diving is one way to thoroughly enjoy Maldives. Maldives is home to many exotic marine animals. Stingrays, sea turtles, and dolphins are for examples. If you’re lucky, you might even spot group of magnificent whale sharks. Explains a lot why the Maldives is one of the premiere scuba diving destinations in the world.


Other than diving, the Maldives is also known as a perfect snorkeling site. You can enjoy from the beautiful colorful reefs to colorful small fishes swimming among them. Most people spend two hours solid just to enjoying the Maldives’ underwater charm.

Island Hopping

Maldives consists of numerous smaller inhabited islands. It’ll be such a waste if you don’t explore them all. Keep in mind however, that the Maldivians have strict Muslim culture. Revealing and tight clothings are forbidden there. Wear modest clothes with long sleeves and long pants. If you happened to wear a short, wrap a sarong around your waist to cover your thighs.


Some parts in Maldives boast high tides and challenging waves, suitable for surfing. Dhonveli island for example, is widely popular among surfers. The island’s raging waves are obviously made for pro surfers.


Paddle-boarding makes a perfect alternative to surfing when you’re in Maldives. You can do this water sport at any parts of the islands. It is also considerably safe since you’ll do it in shallow water.

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