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Hong Kong Tour – Top Five Dishes You Should Try in this Beautiful City

Hong Kong, often known as the “World’s food fair” has a lot to offer, especially for people looking to try new taste and cuisine. From street food to world class dishes, this beautiful city offers a gamut of options for foodies. If you are also planning your visit here, make sure you try these top 5 dishes.

  1. Sweet-sour pork – All the food tours Hong Kong will take you to one or other restaurants serving this delicious pork, you just need to make sure you are booking the best tour. Being the speciality of Hong Kong, this pork is a must try.
  2. chāo shǒu – Also known as Wontons, chao shou are added to clear soup. Known for their creamy fish fillings, this dish is something you should ask your Hong Kong food tours to include in the package.
  3. Cantonese roasted goose – Yet another famous dish from Hong Kong is this roasted goose. The whole goose is roasted and cooked in secret ingredients, which give it its mouth-watering flavour.
  4. Dragon balls – Typically a shrimp ball, this food is often served in Chinese weddings. Finely chopped meat is kneaded into balls after which they are deep fried. Served with freshly baked breads this dish from your food tour Hong Kong will leave you drooling.
  5. Rickshaw noodles – known as the best street food, this rickshaw noodles are not just tasty but also pocket friendly. Noodles mixed with various ingredients including hogskin, fish, shrimp and carrots give it a yummy taste.


These are the top 5 picks for Hong Kong tour. However, there are plenty of other tasty dishes that you can try. It is always advisable to hire food tour and be free from stress of finding good food. Want to know about all the plans you can get or choose from- Click here.

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