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Harrogate Bettys

In the year 1919, Frederick Belmont, opened the first Bettys Cafe Tea Room in the most fashionable spa and Turkish baths town of Harrogate. Taylors and Bettys of Harrogate; are even known as Bettys Taylors Group Limited, it a popular company based on family in Yorkshire, England.

The merger with Taylors of Harrogate, which was founded in 1886, came about in 1962. Though there are lot of changes since then but at least two things still remain the same: a very warm welcome and a beautiful spread of delicious treats.

Bettys Harrogate has been providing afternoon teas, and a perfect blend of Swiss and British cuisine.

Harrogate Bettys Accommodation

Bettys Café Tea Rooms is one of Harrogate’s chief landmarks to locate it. The choice of accommodations next to Bettys greatly varies from ultra-luxurious hotels to an affordable range of guesthouses.

Any sort of hotel reservations are made quite easy with the help of secure online booking facility for any hotels near Betts Café Tea Rooms.

Nowadays, with an easy access of search tools and a wide range of information, Harrogate accommodation next to Harrogate can be searched as well as blocked with utmost convenience. Therefore, there is absolutely no problem of accommodation near Harrogate Bettys.

Bettys Harrogate afternoon tea gift

The Bettys Afternoon tea gift voucher entitles recipients to relish Afternoon Tea on any day of the week, in any one of the 6 Yorkshire Café Tea Rooms. As soon as the Café opens, on the daily basis, Afternoon Tea is served.

The best part is the prices are not published on these gift vouchers; therefore, it makes them a perfect gift to present someone and please note that the price is for one person only.

The gift voucher is presented in a pretty looking gift box, designed by Emily Sutton; it is available packed with four buttery, delicious scones, which are full of attractive sultanas. It even has the classic Tea Room Blend 80 Tea Bags, a beautiful jar of Strawberry Preserve and a yummy Yorkshire Tea Loaf.

Bettys Harrogate afternoon tea times

Bettys Afternoon Tea is served in a stunning Imperial and Belmont Rooms. The guests can have a real lifetime experience amidst a unique atmosphere in serene historic rooms. You can get the reservations online easily and you will immediately receive a confirmation via email.

You can even avail offers on your anniversaries, birthdays and any other sort of celebrations. For an extra fizz you can even add champagne. These are a huge variety of vegan, milk-free, non-gluten and attractive menus for your children.

Harrogate Bettys Cookery School

Bettys Cookery School was founded with a simple ambition: to share the skills of essentials in order to create delicious food spread with people who wish to become a star baker. It is an award-winning Cookery School in Harrogate.

Irrespective of the fact that you are a beginner, you can fulfil all your desires and become an aspiring chef. It is quite simple to join any course from the wide range of courses designed and available.