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Explore the wildlife of Kerala and have fun

If you are planning your trip to Kerala and you are an adventure lover, then you have made the right choice. Here in this article, we will be talking about the wildlife Heaven in Kerala which is Thekkady.  This place is total heaven hidden in thick forests of Kerala. One can explore and experience the wild vegetation and make the trip adventurous by visiting this place.

See the extinct species

If you are an animal lover and want to have a look at near extend species, then this is the best place you can visit. One can have a look at animals like sambas, one can have a look at animals like sambas, tigers, and lion-tailed macaque and also gaurs. Those who love wildlife photography can also visit this place and have a look at the wild vegetation and natural habitat where these nearly extinct animals live. If you are traveling alone, then you can go for Kerala tour packages which you can easily get online.

There are also other animals like elephants, deer, boars, great Indian tigers, bison, lions found.  This is one of the most favored and loved the place by tourist. The Kerala tour package is a great choice because you get the whole guide about where to travel. One can have a look at exotic wildlife and experience it totally in Thekkady.

Nearby tourist attractions

You can also find nearby tourist attractions where you can visit after exploring the Thekkady. This place is one of the most 9 visited places in Kerala. If you talk about the nearby tourist attractions of then, there are also kadathanadan Kalari center, Periyar Tiger trail, Vandiperiyar,  Vandanmedu,  Ayurvedic Garden, elephant Junction,  Periyar lake, Mullaperiyar Dam, etc. You can explore more places nearby by making a list of them and exploring them one by one.