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Common Passport Problems which are Usually Faced by People

Passport is a vital document, which helps in establishing the citizenship of an individual. This is the reason that more and more numbers of people are looking to get their passports done. Infact many people now get passports for their just-born toddlers so that in case there is any need of international travel, there is no problem in the same. The numbers of passport applications are therefore increasing with each passing day. The State Department is practically heavily burdened with the large volume of application forms submitted for getting a new passport.

However, acquiring the passport might not be a very smooth process for all people. It has been seen that due to passport issues, the most well-planned and arranged travel itinerary has been hampered and cancelled. Though this is tremendously sad, but it is true at the same time. There are many things which can go wrong with the passport. If you are worried about how to get a passport and looking for applying a new US passport, you must have an idea as what kinds of problems might crop up, which will lead to the cancelation of your application form. Read on to know about what might be the probable reasons for the application not been approved:

  • Illegible writing on the application form might lead to the cancellation and rejection of the passport application form completely. Many people have a tendency of overwriting or cancelling something which went wrong and then writing the same again. Such scribbling often leads to cancellation of the form.
  • Everything on the passport application form should be completely filled. No columns or areas should be left blank as that is considered as incomplete form. Boxes which are not applicable should be crossed or N/A should be written. Your passport application can be denied and cancelled when there is any missing information.
  • All the documents which need to be furnished should be attached with the form. Any missing document or incorrect document can call for problems. The photograph given should be absolutely as mentioned in the website of the State Department. The specifications of the same change from time to time. Know the current specifications and arrange the photographs in that manner so that there are no confusions of any kinds.
  • There are many applicants who have legal issues like a felony conviction or there is the problem of unpaid child support etc. There are high chances that people with such records against their name will not get passports that easily. The application has high chances of rejection in such matters.
  • While submitting the application for obtaining passport, one has to submit a processing fee for the same. It is important that the exact amount should be paid to the State Department only in the modes, which are mentioned in the official website. Not paying the appropriate fees is a big reason for the passport application getting rejected and cancelled.

Problems you might have even if you have a valid passport

There is no end to problems related to US passport. It is quite interesting to note that inspite of having a valid US passport, you might have various kinds of problems in getting entry and exit from some countries. Mentioned below are some commonly faced passport issues inspite of having a valid passport obtained naturally or even via expedited passport services:

  • There are many countries which demand that your passport should be valid for coming three or six months from the date of planned exit from the country you are visiting. The time period varies from one country to another. Know the rule for the country you are visiting.
  • Child passport remains valid for 5 years and not 10 years like adults. Therefore when you are traveling with your child, make sure that you check the validity of the passport of the child well so that there are no chances of any kinds of issues.
  • In case the passport gets damaged in any way, it is always recommended to get a new one at the soonest. If there is damage to the main page containing the photo and other information, many foreign customs officers will not accept the same. Instead of taking the risk, get a new passport in lieu of the damaged passport.
  • For entering foreign countries, either visa or some kind of permit is needed. While some visas are needed to be procured before leaving for the country, some of the visas are provided on arrival in the country. The same stands true for permits as well.

Once you have the new passport in hand, make few copies of the same and keep in a safe place. In case of any problem, furnishing the copies are often quite helpful.