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Canada Eta requirements

Documents required to enter Canada

To be able to enter Canada, respective citizens need a (provisional) passport with photo , which is valid for the entire duration of the stay. This also applies to children , here a child entry in the passport of the parents is no longer sufficient. Entry to Canada only with the identity card are also not possible.

 Entry requirements for Canada: Which documents and information are requested?

For the application you need your passport, a credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) and an e-mail address . In addition, some personal, professional and health data and travel information are requested . The authorities want to make sure that the visitor is really only traveling to Canada for a limited stay and has good reasons to return home.

How much does the electronic entry permit for Canada cost?

Currently, the fee for the Canada eTA process is 7 Canadian Dollars (CAD) . For the payment of the costs, a credit card is required

How long is the eTA valid for Canada?

The entry permit is valid for a maximum of 5 years . Within this period, you are entitled to multiple entries. For each visit, the permitted length of stay is noted on the entry stamp (usually up to 6 months). If you wish to extend the deadline, you should request it 30 days before it expires.

I have received the electronic entry permit – is my entry into Canada guaranteed?

No, even if you have an entry permit, you are not entitled to entry . The final say is from the Canadian border officials. Upon your arrival, you will be interviewed by CBSA immigration officers about your trip. You have to prove that you do not intend to stay in Canada permanently,

have sufficient funds for your stay and

do not plan to work.

If in doubt, the check may take several hours. In the worst case, you will be denied entry at the airport. As a rule , however, this only happens to persons at risk who have criminal records , for example , or who have been struck by false information . As a normal traveler, you do not need to fear the questioning.

Where can I apply for the electronic entry permit?

Applications should be submitted online at The application form is available in English and French.

Vaccinations for Canada entry

Special vaccinations are not required for entry into Canada or only in special cases. If you plan to travel in northern Canada , you will be vaccinated against hepatitis B. Children and adolescents should be vaccinated against meningitis . In addition to the standard vaccines, vaccination against measles and rabies are useful.