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Caernarfon – Exploring Beyond Castles

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Caernarfon is popular as the royal town of Gwynedd, North Wales. Its breathtaking castles have been listed in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. It is the major attraction which pulls tourists in flocks here. You find hotels Snowdonia booked throughout the year. However, the city has plenty more to offer, as well. Let’s check it out.

Edward’s Castle

It is definitely the highpoint of the city. Despite being over 700 years old; the medieval castle is quite well preserved. When one walks inside the castle, one can almost feel the throbbing history reverberating through it. While the city has a Welsh stronghold; it is mesmerizing to hear a living Celtic language in the castle. It is a must-visit destination.

Snowdonia National Park

Just a few miles from Caernarfon lies the Snowdonia National Park. The park flaunts of the Beaumaris castle and the highest mountain of Wales and Anglesey. Apart from its historical significance and breathtaking views; the place offers plenty of outdoor adventures to tourists like mountaineering, hiking, white water kayaking and plenty of other such exciting sports.

Galeri Arts Centre

When you move north of the Edwards castle, past the marina; you come across the Galeri Arts Centre. The place was opened in 2005 with the intention to boost the arts and creative industries of New Wales. One of its major attraction is the Royal Welch Fusiliers Regimental Museum which spans across both the towers of the Caernarfon castle. Its original exhibits have been given a cinematic experience with film, sounds, and models and are quite enthralling. You can then shop in the five Craft Cymru stores for some authentic Welsh clothing, gifts, and souvenirs. For refreshment, there is a café bar which is extremely popular for plenty of local ales.

Then you can truly enjoy the Welsh Highland Railway, which is perhaps the most authentic and exciting vintage railway lines. You can finally end your trip enjoying its numerous beaches and getting home full of memories.