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Adventure in the Jamu Lodge

Do you have ever stayed 3 or more nights inside of the jungle? With all the wild living animals? A place where phone connection and internet doesn’t exist? If you want to stay 30 km inside of the jungle the Jamu Lodge is the perfect place to be for that experience. I just spent 4 days in the Amazon and I totally felt in love with it!

When you arrive you will drive with a motor canoe at the Cuyabeno River to the lodge. It takes in between 2- 3 hours to reach the Lodge. While drive along the beautiful river you have the possibility to collect your first views about the jungle. Luckily we saw on our way to the lodge 3 different types of monkeys, colorful parrots, amazing birds and a lot of other jungle animals.

Arriving at the lodge our guide teached us about different aspects we have to note to safe the sensitive amazon. For example you are just allowed to use the shampoo of the lodge, because any other shampoo would kill the littlest animals.

The day ends with a swim at the Laguna Grande while enjoying the amazing sunset. The water temperature is perfect because it is a mixture between a cooling of the swelter air and an enjoyable stay in the water.

After the sun sets we saw the Caimans in the water where we swim 15 minutes ago. It was incredible to search along the river for the shining eyes of the Caimans.

For me one of the best things was that you not merely learn just about the wild living animals but rather you see how the indigenous people are living there.

The next day we went to the Siona Community to see and learn more about their way of life. So we cooked together a delicious yucca bread and had lunch together. Later one we meet the Shaman who nearly every community has.The Shaman has a big knowledge about certain plants which have healing properties to help sick people in the jungle. It was nice to see how the process of healing works, it is like a ceremony inside of the jungle.

At the last day we did a jungle walk for observing some animals and learn more about special plants. For me one of the unbelievable things was the Perillo tree. It is a tree which contains inside of the tree something like milk. So a lot of monkeys go there for scratching at the wood and drinking the white sweet milk of the tree. Likewise for people it isn’t poisonous, so I tried it as well. It is a delicious taste and if you have struggle with your stomach it is perfect to drink some ‘milk’ of the tree to get soon fit.

You can’t believe it if you won’t see it with your own eyes but on our way back to the lodge we saw some dolphins! The special about this Amazon river dolphin is that they are not grey like you know them normally there in the Amazonthey are pink! Like humans they get pinker by being excited. They were born as grey ones and by getting older they turn into pink.

What we also did was a ingredible night walk deep inside ofthe forest. The night life is different the one animals are sleeping and the other ones are staying awake for catching the victims. Our guide found a Tarantula eating a small frog and I must say that I’ve never expect that these spiders are big as they are! As well we saw some snakes lying on the trees.

Imagine you are liying in your bed while hearing the gorgeous sounds of the different animals. One of the most beautifullest sound for me was the police bird.

I really enjoyed the time in the jungle, it was a mixture between adventure and relaxing at the same time. I really can recommend to everybody to make that trip. The guides have a big knowledge and you will learn so much about the ecosystem, the animals and the living inside of the jungle! It is absolutely one of my favorite places here in Ecuador.