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A Complete Guide to Getting Started Learning to Surf in 2021

There are many things to learn in this world, learn a new skill according to your interests, learn a new sport and many more. Learning about new things is something everyone should do, and if the learning includes fun, then one should go for it without a doubt. Learning a new sport can be joyous and keeps you active for work and manage workload in this stressful world. There are umpteen sports one can learn, but one should try water sports such as surfing, one of the fun activities people love to do while traveling. To learn surfing there’s a complete guide to get started for this and the very first step is to enroll in surf school.

What is surfing?

Surfing is a surface water sport in which a person rides a wave toward the shore on a surfboard. People who love to travel to beaches surf in the water as a fun activity. To learn surfing you should join a surf school with the best guides and facilities. A school can teach you from basic to advance levels of sports. There are many schools worldwide, but the best place to learn is the surf hub, Cabo Verde.

How to learn to Surf?

To start your learning, you should have proper info about the school. One of the best places to surf is the island of Sal Capo Verde an island 570 KM away from the coast of West Africa. Learning surf there is good because of the facilities and high percentage of waves. People who join surf school there can learn surfing in the best way because of well-trained guides, high probability of hitting a wave, and availability of all equipment. Schools in Cape Verde have lots of facilities, ten surf lessons, ten kite lessons, easy transportation, and more.

One who wants to learn surf should take the Apnea course in which you will learn surfing thoroughly with lessons like Theory & Breathing, static breath holds, hold down simulation, training exercises with best guides, and provide 100% satisfaction. The price of this course is around 80€. They also provide you facility of private lessons or individual training. The training is suitable for both beginners and professionals so that they can enhance their skills. There are lots of things to keep in mind while learning and they teach you the lesson thoroughly.

To recapitulate, learning and enhancing your skills is a good thing. Playing sports not only keeps you active but helps you relax. If you are planning to learn surfing then professional guidance is recommended, this will not only help you learn but keep you safe as well.