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6 Ways to Enjoy Your First Brunch in Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi, weekends are synonymous to brunch – the fascinating and delectable fusion of breakfast and lunch.

Brunches in Abu Dhabi are quite unique since restaurants and other dining establishments not only offer great food, but they also provide an excellent setting and ambience for diners to socialize and relax. Since diners will experience the best of both worlds during this special meal, for many locals, the weekend won’t be complete without enjoying brunch.

Brunching for the First Time

Although brunches are naturally fun and filling, there are still ways for you to have a more enjoyable experience when you have your first Friday brunch in Abu Dhabi.  Here are six tips you can follow:

1.     Choose the right restaurant

Due to its popularity, nearly all dining establishments in Abu Dhabi offer brunch. However, some restaurants are superior to others in terms of their menu, service, facilities, and ambience. If you want to enjoy a superb brunch on your first outing, you have to pick the right restaurant.

Go online to look for restaurants that are known for their excellent brunch packages or offers. Visiting restaurant review sites such as Yelp, Zomato, OpenTable, and MenuPages is a good start. Look for other websites that offer unpaid, unbiased reviews.

Don’t forget to ask your acquaintances about their favorite brunch haunts as well.

2.     Check the menu

The menu is one of the most important elements of brunch (if not the most essential). As such, before reserving a table or going to the restaurant, check the brunch menu first.

Make sure the menu has a good selection of appetizers, main courses, and desserts to choose from. It should also have a reasonable number of vegetarian dishes to give you healthy offerings and to satisfy any customer who would like to enjoy a meat-free meal.

Additionally, beverages are key elements of a wonderful brunch, so make sure to check their offerings as well. The top brunch restaurants have a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to offer. If you love your drinks as much as your food, you should definitely check the restaurant’s beverage menu beforehand.

3.     Dine with a big group

Brunch is best enjoyed with a big group. This means inviting as many friends as you can is recommended for this dining experience.

With great food, drinks, and a lovely setting, everyone will have a magnificent time catching up with each other.

You could bring your family to your first brunch as well. They are the best persons to share an incredible dining experience with. It will also be an excellent opportunity to bond with the whole family.

4.     Reserve a table or arrive early

To have your choice of seating, call or send an email to the restaurant to make your reservation.

If you forgot to make a reservation or it’s too late to make one, arrive early at the restaurant instead. By doing so, you will still be able to choose a good table or, at the very least, one that is far from the bathroom and kitchen – the busiest areas of any dining establishment.

5.     Consider al fresco dining

Eating outdoors is also a wonderful way to enjoy your first brunch. Since you won’t be indoors, you will be able to let your hair down and be a bit more relaxed.

If you want to enjoy al fresco dining, find a spot with enough shade and that offers a great view.

Since you will be eating outdoors before lunch, the sun won’t be too hot to make you sweat or feel uncomfortable. And if you can’t stand the heat outside anymore, you can always ask the staff to find you a table inside the restaurant.

6.     Try new dishes and beverages

Since you are having brunch in Abu Dhabi for the first time, don’t be afraid to try new, unfamiliar dishes. Whether you are dining at a restaurant that serves American cuisine or one that offers local Arabic dishes, order something that you haven’t eaten before. Since you are dining with your friends or family, you can share the dish with them if you think you can’t finish it.

Be adventurous with your beverage choices as well. Pick a fruit juice, mocktail, or cocktail you haven’t ordered before. Invite your grown-up companions to take a sip if it is a beverage that is new to them as well.

If you want your upcoming brunch in Abu Dhabi to be just the first of many, follow the tips above. Make sure to keep them in mind as well every time you go out for brunch in a new place.


Chiara Bisignani is the F&B Marketing Executive at Saadiyat Beach Club. She oversees website maintenance, PR requests, marketing initiatives and all general guests’ enquiries for the company’s destinations of KOI Restaurant & Lounge, Boa Steakhouse and Caramel Restaurant and Lounge in Abu Dhabi.