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5 Secrets to woo your viewers by writing trending news stories

With billions of webpages competing with each other to come on the top of search engines, there is a stiff competition that every content creator or curator face. Other than the content what is it that hooks the audience to your website? A good writer or content creator needs to have a creative mind in finding a unique content such as Blinkco trending news stories.

There are a few questions that always concern him/her:

  • What is trending?
  • How to find trending and cover it?
  • How to write the same stuff differently to make it trending?
  • What is the difference between news and trending?
  • How to make a catchy title to drive people’s attention?

Once you have the above answers, you can be an amazing trend setter! Getting into the detailed information of these questions requires a dedicated time and effort to check various successful blogs and news websites. As of now, we shall focus on how you can keep your audience hooked up to your website or blog with simple tips.

5 Secrets to woo your viewers by writing trending news stories:

  • Gather the interesting facts:

This is the best area to explore. Every year, there are few things that most industries and companies focus on. For instance, new car launches, launch of new cosmetic brand, or opening of few good restaurants in the upcoming year. These can narrow your effort and cover a wider audience for your blog.  

  • Catch the weakness or passion of the audience:

As suggested, pick the nerve of the audience. If your target audience is females, find out interesting facts about cosmetics, apparels, shopping, upcoming movies, etc… Find out the most common habits and hobbies about your target audience. 

  • Use high-quality images:

Always use high-quality images as the present audience believes in watching content than reading it. In simple words, visuals speak more than word volume. Thus, you must focus on using good quality images and videos for your trending news stories.

  • Be interactive with the audience:

Use interactive questions, take opinions, release polls on the trending news. For instance, you can ask the audience about their favorite car model and check if they would like a test drive on the upcoming car model by Mercedes Benz. Interactive questions help you to engage with the audience and check their reaction on trending news stories. 

  • Ask questions:

Asking questions to the audience help in maintaining a prolonged relation with the audience on your site or blog. It also helps to know whether the trending news is loved by the audience of no. Always conclude your trending news stories with an open ended question to the audience.