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3 Reasons To Exit Your Timeshare Contract

Timeshare contracts are notoriously difficult to get out of, but there is help available for your exit strategy. However, if you’re unsure about whether or not you’re going to leave your timeshare contract, here is a list of three reasons why you may want to.

  • Timeshares don’t generate an income

Timeshares are not actually an investment; an investment is, in short, putting money into something in order to generate a profit. In fact, timeshares deplete your income, instead of  generating it.

Rather than being a worthwhile investment, paying for a timeshare is simply paying for your future holidays well in advance, leaving you tied into a contract, even if a different destination tickles your fancy in the future.

If you’re looking for a way to make a real investment, whilst still having a place in the sun, why not consider buying a holiday home in your favourite location? You can even rent it out to other holidaymakers to generate an income when you’re not staying there.  

  • There are better alternatives to timeshares

You may have been stuck in your timeshare contract for years – think of the endless holiday opportunities you’ve missed out on! But it’s not too late to make up for lost time.

Once you get out of your timeshare contract, you will be able to explore more options when it comes to going on holiday.

The annual or monthly maintenance fee for your timeshare contract can quickly add up, and before you know it, you have spent enough money to go on multiple luxurious package holidays. There are plenty of companies that offer fantastic deals on hotels, such as LateRooms, a website where you can select your desired location, enter the number of nights you would like to stay there, and it will provide you with an array of offers that will make your timeshare look like a dreary caravan in Prestatyn.

  • Now is a better time than any to get out of your contract

With more and more coverage on the corruption in the timeshare industry, it is now easier than ever to get out of your contract if you feel you have been mistreated. With the amended Consumer Protection Regulations (2014) and the existence of companies that can help you with your exit strategy, you will be surrounded by help if you do decide to take the plunge and end your contract.

Assistance is readily available for those who feel overwhelmed by their timeshare contract. Companies such as Timeshare Consumer Association act solely to help the consumer. So, if you do decide to exit your contract, you won’t be short of a helping hand.